1 Hoosier Standardbred Farm A J TUCKY bf Pinetucky Kari Indiana OUT OUT
2 George and Martha Hills LYNRAE BAD KAHUNA bc Badlands Hanover Kilauea RNA RNA
3 Carol Graham LINDA ON MY MIND bf Henry Clay Lady Gram James Collier $3,500
4 K.E.M. Standardbreds EL TRIXIE bf Psychic Spirit Letrix Steve Renard $2,500
5 Harley Schwartz H-ANDNHARLEYTHEJET bf Harley D. Hanover Liette The Jet Ron Cox $1,100
6 Amzy and Darrell Miller and Bonnie Becker MISSI MIDNITE bf Duneside Perch Lindwood Sapphire Chermal Horton $4,700
7 Amzy and Darrell Miller, Agent for Fair Meadow Farm BOBBY B BREEZE bc Southwind Breeze Lindy’s Fireball Herman Wheeler $4,500
8 Freeman Mast SHADY MAPLE HANNA bf Western Hero Linwood Hanna Alesha Binkley $1,900
9 Fair Meadow Farm DANCE DUNE brf Duneside Perch Lives To Dance RNA RNA
10 Fair Meadow Farms MIGHTY MCARTHUR bc McArdle Loch Laggan Chermal Horton/Darrell Moore $6,700
11 Freeman Mast BANDERAS ALONE bc Banderas Hall Lonehill Choka Chi Robert Phillips $1,100
12 Mary Lea Jeffers and Adele Jeffers Everett LYNN’S PRIDE brf Fox Valley Arsenic Lynn’s Party Henry Trimble $4,000
13 K.E.M. Standardbreds TIMBER VIEW LUCKY brg Caneel Bay M B Chrissy William Croegaert $2,000
14 Carol Graham MACY GRAM bf Henry Clay Mackie Gram Randy D. Crisler $3,000
15 Fair Meadow Farm KATIE DUNE bf Duneside Perch Macs Only Mins Nathan Fatland/Gary Fatland $3,200
16 University of Illinois Animal Sciences Dept. DUNESIDE MATT brc Duneside Perch Macy Gray Charles J. Krummick $2,700
17 Fair Meadow Farm SUSAN SARANDUNE brf Duneside Perch Magical Kit Perry Smith $6,000
18 University of Illinois Sciences Dept. SEISTAINTHEBREEZE brc Southwind Breeze Maplegrove Natalie Dirk Simpson $2,700
19 Fair Meadow Farm FLASHY DUNE bf Duneside Perch Mark’s Lovebug Jerry Dudzik $4,100
20 Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Fair Meadow Farm, and Harley Schwartz HOOSIER FRENZY bf LCB Merri Dawn Rick ODonnell $2,800
21 K.E.M. Standardbreds, Agent for Evergreen Farms HE MADE UP HISMIND brc Duneside Perch Mind Of Her Own Joshua Moore $4,500
21A Jean M. Alwardt SWEET BELLA BREEZE bf Southwind Breeze Miss Fancy Crown Kelly Perymond $1,500
22 University of Illinois Animal Sciences Dept. STIRRIN THE POT bc Southwind Breeze Miss Hocus Pocus World Class Racing $3,000
23 Fair Meadow Farm, Agent for Al Siebert and Jon Becker MEKKA bf Allamerican Native Modern Life Orville Rusch $7,000
24 Rose, Darry, Gene and Dakota Birch HOWLIN AT THE MOON bc Quick Yankee Moonlite Terry Wilson $1,500
25 Fair Meadow Farm, Agent for Bonnie Becker MOVIN MACHINE brc Duneside Perch Motoring Sally N. Duncan McClain $4,000
26 Mary Lea Jeffers and Adele Jeffers Everett HIGH BALANCE bf New Balance New Year High Lavern Hostetler $10,000
27 Mary Lea and Adele Jeffers AL’S BIG PARTY blc Party At Artsplace Nice N Big Phil Langley $13,000
28 Hoosier Standardbred Farm and Fair Meadow Farm HOOSIER CAT bc Yankee Valor Nila Domarr John Smith $2,200
29 Thundermint Farm LISTEN TO THE BEAT bf Final Cheers No Bark All Bite Bridget Williams $2,500
30 Freedom Hill Farms AMAZING SUMMER bf Duneside Perch No Ordinary Love Marsha Combs-Skinner, Agent $6,000
31 Rich Crum DUNESIDE LOUIE brc Duneside Perch Noble Prayer RNA RNA
32 Flacco Family Farms BAND’S SHAYNA bf Band’s Gold Chip Not So Kosher World Class Racing $2,500
33 Hoosier Standardbred Farm and Fair Meadow Farm HOOSIER JARED bc Yankee Valor Oncebittentwiceshy Cleon Woods $800
34 Albert L. and Mary Lea Jeffers and Adele Jeffers Everett SPLENDID PARTY brc Party At Artsplace Park Lane Splendor Derrick Flowers $3,500
35 Carol Graham PINK SHORTS bf Henry Clay Pedal Pushers Gram Sharky Fisher $2,000
36 Fair Meadow Farm PERFECTLY CLEAR chf Duneside Perch Perfectly Honest Rob Rittof $7,000
37 K.E.M. Standardbreds SKYLINE BOOMER bc Photo Color Pining For You Cedric Daniels $4,200
38 Miller Stable M A CHAMPAGNE brg Life Guard On Duty Piper Champagne Karen Sue Walker $3,700
39 Chili Day Stables REGISTERED UNNAMED bc Winbak Adam Playmate Bunnie Mike Brink $3,200
40 Albert L. and Mary Lea Jeffers and Adele Jeffers Everett PARTY’S POCKET bc Party At Artsplace Pocket Maiden N. Tim Wood, Jim Wood, Jerry Dudzik $5,000
41 K.E.M. Standardbreds MYKINDAPRINCESS bf Duneside Perch Princess Anna Phil Langley $9,000
42 Little Brindle Stable and Fair Meadow Farm GROCE bc Southwind Breeze Princess Pan Ronnie Gillespie $4,200
43 Flacco Family Farms POLAR CAPS bc Polar Winner Ramblin Dolly Richard Reimer $2,700
44 Miller Stable M A REFLING brf Life Guard On Duty Reflecting Pool Leland Mathias $4,000
45 University of Illinois Animal Sciences Dept. PUTTINOUTYOURFIRE bf Duneside Perch Ridley Rockette Bruce Pacetti $3,200
46 Ray Yoder DT’S RIPKEN bc Dangerous Thing Ripken’s Range Sue Cornilius Cavett $1,200
47 Albert L. and Mary Lea Jeffers and Adele Jeffers Everett KIWI PARTY bf Party At Artsplace Robyn’s Alive N Jesse DeLong $9,000
48 Hoosier Standardbred Farm and Fair Meadow Farm HOOSIER DEBBIE brf Yankee Valor Rosalie Lavern Raber $3,500
49 Fair Meadow Farm WELL DONE bc Duneside Perch Rudalee Hanover Perry Smith $13,000
50 K.E.M. Standardbreds S V SPIRIT bf Psychic Spirit S V Rascal Roger A. Johnson III $9,500
51 Fair Meadow Farm VIDEO STAR bc Western Hero Sanfran Cam Phillip F. Cotton $3,500
52 K.E.M. Standardbreds SCYLLA’S BREEZE bf Southwind Breeze Scylla Bluegrass Willie Jones $1,800
53 Hoosier Standardbred Farm, Fair Meadow Farm, and Harley Schwartz HOOSIER CHISUM bc Harley D. Hanover Search For Shannon World Class Racing $2,000
54 Rick, Tim and Vernon Barbre and University of Illinois Animal Sciences ALDRICK brc Duneside Perch Seaside Rendezvous Perry Smith $7,000
55 Thundermint Farm COTTON EYED JOE bc Big Green Machine Secret Dial Bob Phillips $4,000
56 K.E.M. Standardbreds CASH LANE PSYCHIC brg Psychic Spirit Service Special Dale Van Winkle $4,900
57 Amzy and Darrell Miller, Agent for Fair Meadow Farm DECKED OUT DUNE chc Duneside Perch She Has The Look Harry Einfeldt $8,500
58 Flacco Family Farms, LLC BAND’S HAPPY RULER brc Band’s Gold Chip Sherry B. Rulie Freddie Patton, Sr. $7,000
59 Dr. Patrick Graham SHININ SUSAN Band’s Gold Chip Shinin Pearl Kelly Perymond $3,600
60 Fair Meadow Farm SMASHING SAMANTHA bf Duneside Perch Smashing Alberta Roddrick Blue $3,600
61 University of Illinois Animal Sciences Dept. DAKOTA SNOW brf Duneside Perch Snowplace Barry Hall $3,200
62 Fair Meadow Farm ONE FAST DUNE bc Duneside Perch Society Brat Joseph Sanders $3,000
63 University of Illinois Animal Sciences Dept. SILENT OUTBURST bc Duneside Perch Sounds of Silence Gregory Riley $2,100
64 Mervin H. Miller ROSEANNE brf Dreamland Southwind Sierra Jerry Foster $3,500
65 Flacco Family Farms BANDS GIANT STAR brf Band’s Gold Chip Starlix Chad Parker $3,500
66 Homer R. Henke SS PSYCHIC STAR bc Psychic Spirit Teabasket OUT OUT
67 K.E.M. Standardbreds SPIRIT IN THE SKY bg Yankee Skyscraper The Spirit Of Lady Brian J. McMahon $3,500
68 Fair Meadow Farm I SEVENTY bc Duneside Perch Thruway Hershey Larry Henricks $10,500
69 Little Brindle Stable WACKO bf Pizzazzed Tip N Chips Ivar Hyngstrom $3,200
70 Steve R. Poore JUST A MINUTE brf Duneside Perch Toy Story OUT OUT
71 Freedom Hill Farms BRIGHT LIGHT bf Sportsmaster Vavoom Hanover OUT OUT
72 K.E.M. Standardbreds COLOGNE bg Banderas Hall Victors Duchess James Collier $700
73 Flacco Family Farms BAND’S ALEXIS bf Band’s Gold Chip Vintage Event Moses Flowers, Jr. $2,300
74 K.E.M. Standardbreds LIBERAL brc I Am A Fool Western Goddess Chad Parker $2,400
75 Fair Meadow Farm SHOOTIN TO WIN bf Western Hero Wewannawin Alesha Binkley $3,500
76 Freedom Hill Farms WIMPY DOODLE bc Sportsmaster Wimple Hanover Bruce Pacetti $4,700
77 Flacco Family Farms BANDS ALARIC bc Band’s Gold Chip Winbak Olive Samuel M. Daddono $3,700
78 Freedom Hill Farms TOWER POWER bc Duneside Perch Windy Morning Marvin Kendrick $2,100
79 Hoosier Standardbred Farm and Fair Meadow Farm LOSTINTHESHUFFLE bc Harley D. Hanover Wing On A Prayer Ronnie Gillespie $2,000
80 Flacco Family Farms GRAY N CLOUDY bc Band’s Gold Chip Winning Blade Ronald Knupp $3,800
81 Mary Lea Jeffers and Adele Jeffers Everett OUR NEWS bc Party At Artsplace You’re In The News Tommie Grant $3,500
82 Flacco Family Farms BAND BAM bc Band’s Gold Chip Action Girl Thomas Throgmorton $3,000
83 Albert L. and Mary Lea Jeffers ISKANDAR brc High Falls Alexandra’s Starr James Collier $2,900
84 George and Martha Hills LYNRAE JAZMIN blf Duneside Perch Alhambra Hanover Kelly Perymond $6,500
85 Mary Lea Jeffers and Adele Jeffers Everett RIO GRANDE RACER bc High Falls All Ima World Class Racing $3,300
86 Fair Meadow Farm COOL DUNE bc Duneside Perch Almahurst Icicle Billy W. Moore $4,800
87 Fair Meadow Farm APRIL MAY DUNE rf Duneside Perch April Ruffles Mike Brink $10,000
88 Larry Taylor MISS FIDDLE bf Cruiser Weight Art’s Fiddle David Banks/Chad Parker $3,000
89 Amzy and Darrell Miller BONNIE MCMILLER brf McArdle Artemis TSS Erv Miller, Agent $16,500
90 Hoosier Standardbred Farm and Harley Schwartz DUNESIDE ART bc Duneside Perch Artificial Sweetner Perry Smith $6,000
91 University of Illinois Animal Sciences Dept. PLACE TO ESCAPE bc Duneside Perch Artistic Daisy Jared Finn $3,300
92 Flacco Family Farms BANDS SHADOW bc Band’s Gold Chip B L Dream Willie Jones $1,600
93 K.E.M. Standardbreds TIMBER VIEW SPEEDY bg Dreamland Betsy’s Bambino Ezell Murriel $1,800
94 Fair Meadow Farm BIG BILL BREEZE bc Southwind Breeze Big Z Cornsilk Derek Jacobus $2,200
95 University of Illinois Animal Sciences Dept. BOX YOU IN bf LCB Box Car Girl Robert Venable $3,200
96 Tom Graham, Sr. and Tom Graham, Jr. SARA PEARL bf Henry Clay Brilliant Mindale Eligo Boccia $1,100
97 Thomas J. Wilken CRUISER HILL bc Cruiser Weight Brimstone Hill Duncan McClain $1,000
98 Dr. Patrick Graham TO B MZ ILLINOIS brf Band’s Gold Chip Broader Ambition Derek Jacobus $3,500
99 Rick, Vernon and Gary Barbre REGISTERED UNNAMED bc Yankee Skyscraper Broadway Dandy Anthony Lombardi $20,000
100 Miller Stable M A DUTY bf Life Guard On Duty Broadway Smash Ron Phillips $9,000
101 Frederking Developing Co. CARDINAL WIND bc Southwind Breeze Cardinal Outburst Joel Smith $8,000
102 Julius Munie SKY CAM chc Yankee Skyscraper Carolina Cami Randy D. Crisler $2,000
103 Jack Pride and Blake Miller WHACKADOODLE bf Ft. Apache Hanover Carousel Tune Chad Parker $7,000
104 Flacco Family Farms BANDS KIMBERLITE brf Band’s Gold Chip Celebrity Dee RNA RNA
105 Little Brindle Stable GLISSANDO bf Yankee Skyscraper Cello Jonathan Piperakis $2,200
106 K.E.M. Standardbreds MYKINDACHAMPAGNE bf Duneside Perch Champagne Yankee Felix Kendrick $1,700
107 Fair Meadow Farm DUNE WEDDING bf Duneside Perch Chevie In Motion Perry Smith $8,700
108 Fair Meadow Farm DANCINGINTHEBREEZE bf Southwind Breeze Choreography Clifford and David Johns $3,700
109 Thomas J. Wilken SYDNEY’S BABY bf Duneside Perch Churchbell Sign Adam Knicley $1,500
110 Thundermint Farm SURFS UP bc Life Guard On Duty Cole Amour Jeordie Mason $14,500
111 Dr. Patrick Graham MIDNIGHT CHOICE bf Band’s Gold Chip Colinda Hanover Cleon Woods $1,200
112 Thundermint Farm CONSTANT MACHINE bc Big Green Machine Constant Vision World Class Racing $2,100
113 Freedom Hill Farms PAPA GRIZZLY bc Richess Hanover Costly Date Charles J. Krummick $2,200
114 Amzy and Darrell Miller SUPERNAUT brf Duneside Perch Crystal Crickett Joel Smith $11,000
115 Dr. Patrick Graham CRYSTAL’S WINNER bf Polar Winner Crystal Trophy Jerome Daniels $800
116 Freeman Mast SHADY MAPLE CRUIER brc Cruiser Weight Cultured Woman Thomas Throgmorton $1,700
117 Little Brindle Stable HAZEL DELL bc Duneside Perch Cyberspur OUT OUT
118 Fair Meadow Farm DUNE IN FRONT blf Duneside Perch Dakujeme Megan Rogers $6,000
119 Albert L. and Mary Lea Jeffers WIN DASHER brc New Balance Dashing Crown Raymond Morgan $2,600
120 Fair Meadow Farm DUNE BEACH brf Duneside Perch Delight The Eyes Richard Lappe $5,000
121 Flacco Family Farms BANDS JEEVES bc Band’s Gold Chip DHB Ninety-Four RNA RNA
122 Fair Meadow Farm WESTERN DAME brf Sagebrush Dixie Dame Bruce Alexander $14,000
123 Freedom Hill Farms TRAFFIC COP bc Sportsmaster Dixiegirl Dirk Simpson $18,000
124 Freedom Hill Farms MEGADUNE brc Duneside Perch Draco’s Megafire Tony Sanders $3,700
125 Robert Rietveld BOLD BANDERA bf Banderas Hall Easter Valley OUT OUT
126 K.E.M. Standardbreds AT RISK bf Banderas Hall Egberdina Darla Martin $2,000
127 James Rine and Charles Doehring ELEGANT STAR brf Southwind Breeze Elegant Sis RNA RNA
128 K.E.M. Standardbreds SKYLINE COMET bc Photo Color Fausta Joel Smith $3,000
129 K.E.M. Standardbreds TOGETHERFOREVER bf Duneside Perch FD Togetheragain Chad Cook $4,500
130 Lee Gaule J R YOURONYOUROWN brf Lis Mara Flashing By Orville Rusch $6,000
131 Flacco Family Farms BANDS PIPPA bf Band’s Gold Chip Florelaine Hanover Samuel M. Daddono $4,200
132 Randall L. Niebrugge CHICKS C ME bc Duneside Perch Fluff Chick Chad Parker $3,500
133 Miller Stable M A FOXIE bg Life Guard On Duty Four Starzzz Fox Larry Plank $2,500
134 Thundermint Farm WHO SHOT SALLY bf Big Green Machine Four Starzzz Way Terry Wilson $2,000
135 Fair Meadow Farm DIDDY DUNE bc Duneside Perch Four Starzzzz Gal Duncan McClain $5,500
136 Thundermint Farm ORPHAN LAD bc Big Green Machine Fox Valley Athena Bridget Williams $2,100
137 K.E.M. Standardbreds MARTY RUCKER brc Sagebrush Fox Valley Gazelle Ron Phillips $11,700
138 Dr. Diana Wilson RIVER OF DREAMS brc Ft. Apache Hanover Fox Valley Ivy Jesse DeLong $20,000
139 University of Illinois Horse Farm SOUTHERN SCOTCH bc Southwind Breeze Fox Valley Shiraz Bruce Pacetti $5,000
140 Amzy and Darrell Miller, Agent for Bonnie Becker DUNE BRIDE bf Duneside Perch Free Livin Perry Smith $7,000
140A James Petruccelli ELMOVILLE bf Northern Kid Baby Cookie OUT OUT
141 University of Illinois Animal Sciences Dept. FANCY ELLIANNIE bf Duneside Perch Ft. Apache Annie Rick Schrock $3,500
142 K.E.M. Standardbreds GRACEFUL SPIRIT brf Psychic Spirit Grace Elizabeth Mike Brink $27,000
143 Fair Meadow Farm ROAD TO SERFDOM brf Duneside Perch Greedy Michael Knicley $3,500
144 Francis J. Grummel and Curt Grummel UNNAMED brc Duneside Perch Hearts N Halos Howard Armstrong $600
145 Miller Stable M A ROSE OF SHARON blf Tequila Spur Heather Beth Kyle Husted $1,600
146 Tannor Spittler PARTY ON THE LAKE brc Duneside Perch Hitter Cole Don Colllins $1,000
147 Fair Meadow Farm LORA LEE BREEZE bf Southwind Breeze HM Striking Faith Jared Finn $2,700
148 Hoosier Standardbred Farm CHWINT bg A P Lindy Hollys Millennium OUT OUT
149 Rose, Darry, Gene and Dakota Birch YAHOO YANKEE bc Quick Yankee Hooray For Love Marty Corson $1,100
150 K.E.M. Standardbreds ILLINI CREDIT chc Psychic Spirit I C Joy Charles J. Krummick $3,200
151 George and Martha Hills LYNRAE RONNIE R. bc Duneside Perch I’mgonnagetchagood Tina Seekman/Joe Seekman $2,700
152 K.E.M. Standardbreds SOUTHEAST AT FIVE bc Southwind Breeze Impartial Jerome Daniels $1,800
153 Fair Meadow Farm SHERIFF JOE bc Western Hero In Concert Freddie Patton, Sr. $3,700
154 K.E.M. Standardbreds POWERFUL PERCH bc Duneside Perch Incredible Seven Chad Parker $8,200
155 Flacco Family Farms POLARS BIG SPENDER bc Polar Winner Jen’s Big Spender RNA RNA
156 University of Illinois Animal Sciences Dept. DAKOTA AZURE brf Duneside Perch Jenna’s Avalanche Robert Porter $1,000
157 Wilbur Chupp CARDINAL CLASSY chf Valley Victor Cardinal Charge Ron Phillips $6,500
158 Curtis B. McNames DANI PATCH bf Full-Time Job Alpine Hopeful Janice Crisler $1,100