1 Jeffrey Bridgford SHOT AT THE TITLE Wuzzup Big Kathy C C. Mark Kingery $900
2 Fair Meadow Farm PARK MEADOW MISS Park Place Cam’s Meadow Miss F No Sale
3 Flacco Family Farms SPASHOF BRILLIANCE Brilliant Victory Holly’s Special C No Sale
4 Wllard Herschberger HOOCHIE’S VICTORY Imperial Victory Hoochie C Roshun Trigg $1,000
5 Elva W. Plank LV’S MIDNIT STAR Yankee great Midnit Last Sunris C Harold Trimble $900
6 Mary Lea Jeffers ADELE’S GOAL High Falls Adele’s Jade G Willie Jones $1,300
7 Christopher Henry MO VALLEY TORI Warrior For Peace Yankee Great F Jerome Daniels $800
8 William T. Pudkik SYCAMORE WILLIE Storm ‘N Orphan Garbo’s Bowl G Freddie Patton, Jr. $1,000
9 Denis Mobie/Stanley Odling GIANNAH BA NA NA Decisive Victory Final Try F No Sale
10 Henry Jay Lengacher JL CROSSING SEAS Trophy Catch Donna Ebony F Moses Flowers, Jr. $1,400
11 Finish Line Farm VALPO HOSPICE NURSE Wuzzup Courtland Carolyn F Freddie Patton, Jr. $800
12 Dr. Anna M. Ruman ROCK HOLLYWOOD Psychic Spirit Serafina The Great C JMB Stables $5,700
13 University of Illinois Horse Farm ITZA FREE FOR ALL Park Place Freemont Street F John Zawitowski $2,500
14 Flacco Family Farms SOMORE JET Expecting More Sierra Miss C OUT
14S Barry Bell STORM QUEEN Tsunami Ranger Come Up Here F No Sale
15 Bobby L. Weatherford GOYA TEDDY Goya Blue Chip JustineBromac N C Cedric Love $1,400
16 Deric and Sheila Wetherell/Dean Wetherell MAUI BEACH Ft. Apache Hanover Hawaiian Melody C Chad Parker $1,400
17 Fair Meadow Farm/Hoosier Stand. Farm HOOSIER ROSELLEN Park Place Tigress Lo F Jodie Outlaw $2,500
18 Al Jeffers BEGIN ON HIGH High Falls Begin The Beguine F OUT
18S Barry Bell EASY CHARGE Tsunami Ranger Ashley’s Charge F Tom Tetrick $900
19 Gene Dixon NEVER VAPORS Vaporize Never Flirty C Brenda Watson $1,600
20 Denis Mabie MEGHAN ME RICH Keystone Switch Wisper-N-Win F No Sale
21 Fair Meadow Farm LOOKING FOR LOVE Ambro Mackintosh Show Me Love F Frank Bell, Jr. $1,800
22 Homer Stoll CATCH THIS TROPHY Trophy Catch Sweet Ermine C JMB Stable $2,500
23 Freedom Hill Farms JOE BEN Decisive Victory Maple Grove Mist C South of the Tracks $1,700
24 Robert Rietveld SOUVENIR Garciaparra Mystical Vixon C No Sale
25 Mary Lea Jeffers KEITH’S KEEPER High Falls Net Game C Andrew Long $1,800
26 University of Illinois Horse Farm INTO THIN AIR Vaporize Miss Hocus Pocus F Monique Bernardi $4,700
27 Deric and Sheila Wetherell/Dean Wetherell FIVEOCLOCK SOMEWHERE Tequila Spur Chambord C Vince Espinosa $2,200
28 KEM Standardbreds, Agent EMISSION CONTROL Cole Muffler Fox Valley Monika F Clinard Racing, LLC $14,000
Hip # Consignor Yearling Sire Dam Sex Purchased By Amount
29 University of Illinois Horse Farm, Agent MODELOPOLY Park Place Debbie’s Model C Shawn Nessa $4,500
30 Robert and Taylor Rietveld CROSSFIRE Garciaparra Wired C No Sale[1]
31 Ronald Phillips, Agent TRICK OR TREAT Sir Luck Ellen’s Trick F Toni Bell $800
32 University of Illinois Horse Farm PICKING UP CHICKS Cambest Fluff Chick C Herman Wheeler $5,500
33 Norman G. Wagler NW KIRIAN’S SON B J’s Super Son Kirian’s Messenger C Gerald Hansen $1,200
34 Larry Mulvey RY RY’S DREAM BABY Dream Work BP’s Swinger F Travis Williams $1,400
35 Finish Line Farm ALEXIS HERO Western Hero Seasonal Change C David Hornbeck $1,800
36 Homer Stoll HALTER Butler Hall Arcata Hanover F Shawn Nessa $1,500
37 University of Illinois Horse Farm HALLEN NAY Village Jove Salsa Hall C Jerry Foster $3,000
38 Ronald Phillips, Agent BEACHSIDE LUCK Sir Luck Oceanside C Lilly Racing Stable, Inc. $1,700
39 Norman G. Wagler I LOOK LIKE MYSELF Ilooklikemymom Carry Me F Harold Trimble $800
40 University of Illinois Horse Farm RUBY’S CAM BUY LOVE Cambest Ruby Jane F Richard Courson $4,000
41 Mary Lea Jeffers FIRST JET High Falls Jeffers Jet F Freddie Patton, Jr. $800
42 Merle H. Miller TRAFFIC MASTER Armbro Tropicana Ohtobea Beauty C Kenny Collier $3,300
43 K.E.M. Standardbreds, Agent FRITTER Garciaparra Wall Street Floozy C Rick Schrock, Agent $30,000
44 Fair Meadow Farm TWILIGHT PRINCESS Rosement Principal Twilight Fire F Ronald Cox $3,700
45 William T. Pudkik SYCAMORE PSYCHIC Psychic Spirit Vintage Event F Jason VanWinkle $2,200
46 Flacco Family Farms BRILLIANT LINDA B. Brilliant Victory Holly’s Traditional F No Sale[2] $0
47 University of Illinois Horse Farm SHELDON’S PLACE Park Place Society Brat C Jerry Dudzik $8,500
48 Fair Meadow Farm, Agent SUNPARK Park Place Mark’s Sundance F Rico Johnson $2,900
49 Willard Herschberger FOX VALLEY DELIGHT Incredible Finale Sailor’s Delight F Chad Parker $1,700
50s Charles R. Jones RED APPLES Armbro Mackintosh Sipping Trixie F No Sale[3]
51 Longfellow Farms MONEY BOOTER Make It Brief KL Tease F Kay Willis $2,300
52 University of Illinois Horse Farm AVALANCHING Park Place Jenna’s Avalanche C Jodie Outlaw $4,100
53 Fair Meadow Farm MACK AGAIN Armbro Mackintosh FD Together Again F Richard Johnson $4,000
54 Willard Herschberger FOX VALLEY SABRE Richess Hanover Southwind Silk C Kay Willis $4,200
55 Gene Dixon ANDI’S SISTER Damien Seelster Lacey Rose F Gary Bunch $4,000
56 Fair Meadow Farm PLANNED ATTACK Ambro Mackintosh Dragon’s Attack C Clinard Racing, LLC $4,500
57 Mary Lea Jeffers MILES IN MOTION High Falls All Ima C Phillip Cotton $2,400
58 Elva W. Plank LV PRINCESS Yankee Great Princess Gold F No Sale[4]
Hip # Consignor Yearling Sire Dam Sex Purchased By Amount
59 Flacco Family Farms MORELY Expecting More Mammy Blue C Willie Jones $2,100
60 Mary Lea Jeffers MERRY HIGH High Falls Merry Game F Brenda Watson $1,300
61 Merle H. Miller BEECH BLOCK Dreamland Universal Charm C Leo Edwards $1,700
62 Raymond H. Miller GR GOT JUICE Dreamland SJ Sattva C Jerome Daniels $1,000
63 Jeffrey Bridgford RIBBONS N PEARLS Wuzzup Athens Blue Chip F No Sale[5]
64 Amzy and Darrell Miller, Agent STREETSOF BALTIMORE Park Place Falcon’s Flo Jo C Tina Schrock $3,100
65 Fair Meadow Farm SISTER MACKINTOSH Armbro Mackintosh Dallier F Derrick Flowers $2,200
66 Mary Lea Jeffers PARTY’S GOOD NEWS Party at Artsplace You’re In The News F Ronald Knupp $1,900
67 Glenn Jess G J’S VAPOR Vaporize Riverside Kit F Darla Martin $4,800
68 K.E.M. Standardbreds WINDY CATCH Trophy Catch Writtenonthewind C Jim Eaton, Agent $3,700
69 Sunrise Farm HUM A TUNE Vaporize Harpsichord F No Sale[6]
70 Flacco Family Farms CARA ELVIS Brilliant Victory Hollys Harmonious C No Sale
71 University of Illinois Horse Farm, Agent SHANGHAI SHADY Park Place Shady RN F Pete Spaeth $13,000
72 Gretchen Smith HEREKITTY KITTYKITY Park Place Kitsen Hanover F OUT
73 Barb J. Folk BAR B’S APACHE CAM Ft. Apache Hanover Cam Flite C Thomas Throgmorton $4,000
74 Freedom Hill Farms KATIE CRUSADER Cape Crusader Perpetual Bliss F World Class Racing $2,000
75 Dale Richeson GOOD GRIEF Make It Brief Almahurst Imp G Dale Kanitz $5,000
76 Fair Meadow Farm, Agent PARK N PARK Park Place All Day All Night F David Snyder $4,000
77 University of Illinois Horse Farm, Agent PCSPECIAL Park Place Amispecialorwhat C Ron Desyllas/William Beck $15,000
78 K.E.M. Standardbreds INCREDIBLE BRANDY Incredible Finale Pretty Hoosier F M & J Stables $10,000
79 Fair Meadow Farm, Agent MANDY’S GOLD Armbro Mackintosh Greedy F Ronald Lott $3,500
80 Freedom Hill Farms ANCHORMAN Cape Crusader Varsity Blues C Freddie Patton, Jr. $1,700
81 Gretchen Smith PHOEBE BUFFET Park Place Miss Peggy F OUT
82 Fair Meadow Farm KATHY JEAN Park Place Georgiaonourmind F Richard Holly $3,300
83 Sunrise Farm FOX VALLEY RELIC Richess Hanover Rebid C Hornet Racing LLC $9,400
84 Wilson Farm CHEETAH GIRL Ft. Apache Hanover Chanel Spur F Travis Williams $1,000
85 Deric and Sheila Wetherell/Dean Wetherell LETSMAKEA MEMORY Ft. Apache Hanover Speeding Bunny C Marlin L. Roberts $2,700
86 Fair Meadow Farm RICHARD TRACI Park Place Racy Traci C Dane May $3,000
87 University of Illinois Horse Farm LYFSLYKABOX ACHOCLT Park Place Box Car Girl F John Carver, Erv. Miller, Agent $24,000
88 Mary Lea Jeffers I’M PRETTY High Falls Ima Game F Phillip Cotton $3,100
Hip # Consignor Yearling Sire Dam Sex Purchased By Amount
89 Raymond H. Miller GR DREAMS RACHEL Dreamland La Patrona F Merle Finn, Jr. $900
90 K.E.M. Standardbreds GUILTY Garciaparra Peace And Quiet C Erv. Miller, Agent $17,500
91 University of Illinois Horse Farm PICKAPLACE TO PARK Park Place Pick Of The Litter F Kelly Perymond $3,700
92 Sunrise Farm PICNIC PLACE Park Place Society Picnic G Jill Stringer $4,500
93 Fair Meadow Farm, Agent BUNNI BONNI Armbro Mackintosh Four Starzzzz Gal F Dale Kanitz $4,200
94 Brock Butts PAPA’S PRIDE Park Place Fox Valley America C Tom Throgmorton $3,700
95 Mary Lea Jeffers MERRY MONEYMAKER High Falls Merrymaker Lobell F Jamaica Patton $1,900
96 K.E.M. Standardbreds RT SUPER STAR Incredible Finale Fox Valley Silk C Kay Willis $8,500
97 Fair Meadow Farm MAN TO MAN Park Place Likely Suspect C Harry Horowitz $5,500
98 Fair Meadow Farm JORDAN JEFFREY Armbro Mackintosh Champagneforall C Jerry Dudzik $2,600
99 Finish Line Farm UNITED RED TORNADO Wuzzup Dream Of My Life F Patrick M. Ryan $2,800
100 University of Illinois Horse Farm TOO MANY CHOICES Park Place Fox Valley Chosen F World Class Racing $4,000
101 K.E.M. Standardbreds FOX VALLEY ADIOS Sportsmaster Go Bye Bye F Jack Dorn $4,000
102 Fair Meadow Farm LIKELY STORY Park Place Toy Story F Wilson Racing Stable, Inc. $5,000
103 K.E.M Standardbreds MANCOW Garciaparra Fox Valley Paradox C George Bonomo $10,000
104 Flacco Family Farms FENMORE Expecting More Daisy Lee Brook C Sandbur Farms/Doug Hamilton/Sam Daddono $5,000
105 Dr. Anna M. Ruman THREE TEN TO YUMA Psychic Spirit Mama Mac C South of the Tracks $4,700
106 Flacco Family Farms SPEEDY MORE Expecting More Gia’s Speedster C No Sale
107 K.E.M. Standardbreds R T JASMINE Garciaparra Coo Coo Cachew F Rick Schrock, Agent $20,000
108 Dr. Anna M. Ruman DA BRONX Psychic Spirit Saffron Windswept C JMB Stable $7,000
109 K.E.M. Standardbreds HIP HOP GARCIA Garciaparra Scarlet Jami C Robert Poppleton $6,200
110 Flacco Family Farms THE VERGER Expecting More Supermistress C Sandbur Farms/Doug Hamilton/Sam Daddono $5,000
111 Flacco Family Farms PASSIONATELY NUTRAL Expecting More Ms Liz Lavec F No Sale[7]
112 Fair Meadow Farm FUNNY GUY Park Place Class And Humour C Ronald Knupp $3,300
113 K.E.M. Standardbreds PARK BUG Park Place Bugtown Aggie C Benita Simmons $4,200
114 University of Illinois Horse Farm, Agent SOPAL Park Place So Funny F Kathryn Rath $2,200
115 Kenneth Chupp GOTCHA PARKED Park Place Tea And Roses F Willie Jones $2,300
116 Willard Herschberger PARKATSASSY’S PLACE Park Place Sassy Girl F Phillip Cotton $3,700
117 Fair Meadow Farm PARKER PLACE Park Place She Has The Look C Brian Walkington $15,000
118 University of Illinois Horse Farm, Agent MEZZOSO Park Place Vocalist F Catch 22 $10,000
Hip # Consignor Yearling Sire Dam Sex Purchased By Amount
119 K.E.M. Standardbreds WHAT NOT Garciaparra Greta C Lavern Hostetler $8,500
120 Fair Meadow Farm JERRI MACK Armbro Mackintosh Ashley’s City F Cedric Love $2,500
121 University of Illinois Horse Farm, Agent BABYSPLACE Park Place Baywatch Blues C Brandon Collopy $3,500
122 Larry Liesman/Carroll Yeazle ARIZONA JACKIE Arizona Jack Clear Creek Paige F David Hornbeck $1,400
123 University of Illinois Horse Farm REV ME UP Park Place Turbonium F Brian Walkington $9,000
124 Finish Line Farm WUZZUP HONEY Wuzzup Pan To Pan Combat F Robert Porter $700
125 Wilson Farm SOMUCHCOOLER ONLINE Make It Brief Paws C Douglas Graham $3,000
126 University of Illinois Horse Farm GOING GOING GONE Broadway Express Pat Olcott F Clinard Racing, LLC $3,700
127 Larry C. Breed THE WARDOG Warrior For Peace U Lassie C Lloyd Dycus $2,000
128 Marilyn Summers BABYSISTER ADDISON Rosement Principal Chargin Ellie F Freddie Patton, Jr. $2,200
129 Ed Teefey ADDIE R Damien Seelster Fox Valley Lanita F Robert Porter $1,200
130 Fair Meadow Farm SURELY SO Armbro Mackintosh So Certain C Tom T. Tetrick $2,300
131 K.E.M. Standardbreds TANDO’S DIAMOND Garciaparra Troubador’s Tango C Kenny Collier $3,000
132 Dr. Anna M. Ruman WOLF CREED PASS Psychic Spirit Beloved Lobell C Gerald Hansen $4,000
133 K.E.M. Standardbreds TIDE MASTER Sportsmaster Smooth Tide C Curtis Rice/Donna Carroll $4,100
134 University of Illinois Horse Farm, Agent YIPPY Park Place Camifiwanto F Dean Debolt $2,400
Total Sold – 116 Colt Average (61) – $4,649 Outs – 4
Average – $ 4,353 Filly Average (55) – $4,025 No Sale – 15