Hip # Consignor Yearling Sire Dam Sex Purchased By Amount
1 Fair Meadow Farm & Double HH Farm BRILLIANT BEN Brilliant Victory Kyra C Freddie Patton, Jr. $900
2 Raymond S. Mast MIGHTY TUDINO Tidewater Tudino Mightie Lane C Willie Jones $1,200
3 K.E.M. Standardbreds HONEYDEW VICTORY Imperial Victory Tarfire C Reggie Winters $1,400
4 Leroy Moore SHE’S A WRAP Wrapped Pri-zella F Robert Porter $600
5 Hendricks Standardbred LESTER Damien Seelster Atagirlessie C Jeff White $1,200
6 Holly Hill Farm & Orville Rusch SWEET JODY GIRL Jody’s Cam Hog That Bucket F Willie Jones $900
7 Open Gate Farm OG’S MARIE D Anthony P Homeview F Leslie Karns $700
8 Holly Hill Farm & Orville Rusch HOLLY HILL RAMBO Meadowbranch Mike Holly’s Godiva C Out
9 Thundermint Farm FINAL OFFERING Final Cheers Ginge C NO SALE
10 Raymond S. Mast PACK OF IMAGES Tidewater Tudino Packet Switch C Barry Bell $1,300
11 Hidden Hope Farm PAYLOADER Longport Brownie Babe C NO SALE
12 Flacco Family Farm FUTURE TRIUMPH Giant Triumph Crysta Paige F LaVern Hostetler $1,200
13 Boyd Kilpatrick K’S CAPTAIN IRISH Mahogany Bay Miss Anna V C Leo Edwards $700
14 George S. Kauffman PARKONTHEROAD Park Place Astor Place F Robert Phillips $2,200
15 Todd Weinmann LITTLE LIGHTENING Wilson Wyoming Little Nightmare F Judith May $1,600
16 Plank and Sons SULTANA DREAM Valley Victor Sultana Filly F NO SALE
17 Finish Line Farm WUZZUP ANGEL Wuzzup Courtland Carolyn F Jim & Joyce ones $700
18 Mary Lee Jeffers HEIDE FALLS High Falls Swiss Hill R Eric Lamb $700
19 Farrier’s Acres, Agent NEW BALANCE Valley Victor Heppie Frazer C LaVern Hostetler $14,000
20 Open Gate Farm OG’S ANTHONY COLE Anthony P Pleasant Hill Pat C NO SALE
21 Flacco Family Farm VICTORY’S PEANUT Brilliant Victory Proud Performance C NO SALE
22 Thundermint Farm BALCO BABY Oh Fore Berma F NO SALE
23 Farrier’s Acres WIZARD OF WYOMING Wilson Wyoming Osmo Hanover G Freddie Patton, Jr. $1,700
24 Univ. of Illinois Horse Farm AINTGOTNOBRAKES Park Place Alma Terror F Michelle Binkley $2,100
25 Fair Meadow Farm & Double HH Farm SAMMY STYLE Spirited Style Sakra Ficial C Robert Phillips $700
Hip # Consignor Yearling Sire Dam Sex Purchased By Amount
26 K.E.M. Standardbreds MONEY MAC Armbro Mackintosh Abrazo C Jodie Outlaw $2,400
27 Mary Lee Jeffers LOFTY GAME High Falls Merry Game G Brenda Watson $2,500
28 Merle H. Miller I C CLASS Wilson Wyoming Golden Manero C John A. Smith $2,000
29 Holly Hill Farm & Orville Rusch HOLLY HILL RULES Meadowbranch Mike Sherry B. Rulie C Willie Jones $800
30 Mary Lea Jeffers ROCKING HIGH High Falls Doublerock F Jared Finn $1,500
31 Mark and Mary Hawley SWEETBABYMINE Armbro Mackintosh Illini Frannie F Robert G Specht $1,200
32 Plank and Sons LVPESPECIALLYFAST Yankee Great Especially Me F NO SALE
33 Leroy Moore HE’S A WRAP Wrapped Tamburger C Bruce Rundle $1,100
34 Hendricks Standardbred PLENTY OF OIL Warrior For Peace Oil N’ Vinegar C Johnnie J. Rice $1,200
35 Dr. Ted Lock, Univ. of IL & John Key THE KINGSTON AND I Kingston Broadway Talent C David Avenatti, Agent $6,500
36 Thundermint Farm SWIFT DEPARTURE Forebearance I M Swift C Judith May $1,100
37 Mary Lea Jeffers ALL TIME HIGH High Falls Ima Game G Brenda Watson $2,500
38 Flacco Family Farm VICTORY’S LANTUS Brilliant Victory Holly’s Traditional C NO SALE
39 Holly Hill Farm & Orville Rusch HOLLY HILL DANDY Jody’s Cam Holly’s Kisses C Dennis Lanier $900
40 Univ. of Illinois Horse Farm OOH GAH CHUKKAH Park Place Pat Olcott F Jodie Outlaw $1,400
41 Farrier’s Acres, Agent CELEBRITY MISTRESS Meadowbranch Mike Wesgate Princess F Alan R. Bowen $2,500
42 Hendricks Standardbred MISSY WILL SMOKE Smokey Legend Missy Triton F Willie Jones $1,400
43 Hendricks Standardbred AUNTIE Warrior For Peace Auntie Climattic F Bruce Rundle $1,600
44 Hunter Farm VICTORY DARCY Valley Victor Dancingofftowork F Kandi Schooley, Agent $2,700
45 Willard O. Helmuth WYOMING SKY Wilson Wyoming Cherry Sky C Bill Hill $1,100
46 Mervin Miller WILSON’S DIAMOND Wilson Wyoming CMF Meadow Majesty G Edwin Bontragen $1,000
47 Larry G. Flesner GO FOR PEACE Warrior For Peace Crimson Rambler C Wayne Decker $2,200
48 Mary Lea Jeffers HIGH JADE High Falls Adele’s Jade G Tom Parker $1,700
49 Flacco Family Farm BRILLIANT ACTION Brilliant Victory Silcon Action C C. Rutherford $1,100
50 Fair Meadow Farm EM MICHELLE Armbro Mackintosh Cellophane F William H. Mowen $2,700
Hip # Consignor Yearling Sire Dam Sex Purchased By Amount
51 Don Longfellow LANDER Wilson Wyoming Victory Binge C OUT
52 Sunrise Farm MACH SPEED Ft. Apache Hanover Chrissy Q C Charles Eustiso $2,000
53 Hendricks Standardbred SAUCY SOBRIETY Warrior For Peace Sobriety F Dennis Henert $1,100
54 Farrier’s Acres CELEBRITY DEE Meadowbranch Mike Demure Hanover F Orville Rusch $2,600
55 Fair Meadow Farm LEONARD PLACE Park Place Dish The Dirt C Tom Tetrick $2,500
56 Raymond S. Mast RIPPIN KWIK Tidewater Tudino Heather Ellen F Trace Tetrick $2,500
57 Univ. of Illinois Horse Farm, Agent PAREBA Park Place Western Reba C Dave Adams $1,500
58 Leroy Moore WRAPPLE Wrapped Wee’s Shadow F OUT
59 Matthew L. Chupp LET ME TRY AGAIN Arizona Jack The Ash Lady F Charles Eustiso $900
60 Farrier’s Acres, Agent CELEBRITY RIDGE Meadowbranch Mike Valley Regina C Doug Graham $1,200
61 Hendricks Standardbred FOR PEACE Warrior For Peace April Leebrook C Tom Walker $2,800
62 Hidden Hope Farm PORTSIDE TSUNAMI Longport World Vision C NO SALE
63 Larry G. Flesner WAR RAGE Warrior For Peace Hills Jean F Vertis Wilson $1,300
64 Univ. of Illinois Horse Farm YOU’RE IN MY SPOT Park Place Society Brat C Barry Rothas $3,300
65 Marty Alagna, Agent RAINY DAY Q Kingston Rainy Day Hues F Clark Fairles $1,600
66 Univ. of Illinois Horse Farm, Agent HEATH Park Place Rainy Day Blues C Larry Banks $5,200
67 Fair Meadow Farm, Agent HOOSIER SMIRK Armbro Mackintosh Smilin At Me F Gerald Nortrup $1,700
68 Hendricks Standardbred VISA FILLY Warrior For Peace Keystone Visa F OUT
69 Fair Meadow Farm GOALIE GIRL Armbro Mackintosh Goalie Hawn F Gerald Nortrup $1,800
70 Flacco Family Farm HOW’S ABOUT A TIP Giant Triumph Stock Tip F Susan Holdeman $1,000
71 Univ. of Illinois Horse Farm, Agent DARLENE Park Place Dana B. Lobell F Johnny Rice $2,100
72 Farrier’s Acres, Agent MISS VALLEY VICTOR Valley Victor Fannie Farkle F NO SALE
73 Mary Lea Jeffers JD’S HUSTLE High Falls Speedy Bella G Tom Graham, Sr. $1,400
74 Marty Alagna, Agent MEGAN’S BAY Kingston Smiles Hanover F Robert Phillips $2,500
75 Bobby Weatherford JUSTINTOSH Armbro Mackintosh Justine Bromac N. C NO SALE
Hip # Consignor Yearling Sire Dam Sex Purchased By Amount
76 Fair Meadow Farm INSKO PLACE Park Place Cindy Marie Tup C Steve Searle, Agent $3,500
77 Farrier’s Acres, Agent EASTER VALLEY Valley Victor Playing Filly F NO SALE
78 Mervin Miller IMA LUCKY LADY Wilson Wyoming Our Foxy Lady F Robert Taylor $1,400
79 Hunter Farm SPORTIN BELLS Sportsmaster Palma Lobell F Barry Rothas $4,000
80 Fair Meadow Farm HOME PLACE Park Place Christine’s Baby C Kay Willis $6,000
81 Sunrise Farm & David Dahma CLUTCH HITTER Dream Vacation Harpsichord C NO SALE
82 Flacco Family Farm BRILLIANT TRILOGY Brilliant Victory B L Dream F Samual M. Daddono $3,100
83 Thundermint Farm FINAL VENTURE Final Cheers Shira C Robert Phillips $4,200
84 Univ. of Illinois Horse Farm, Agent XERXES Park Place Amore Almahurst C Mark Fransen $13,500
85 Fair Meadow Farm, Agent ONE PARK PLACE Park Place Motoring Sally N. C Michael Einhaus $6,000
86 Farrier’s Acres, Agent BUTTER LEAF Valley Victor Smoke ‘N Snafu C Bill Wright $9,200
87 Univ. of Illinois Horse Farm, Agent JADA’S DRAGONETTE Dragon’s Lair Happy Bottom F Eric Ledford, Agent $12,000
88 Glenn Ray Jess G J’S CHECKERBOY Armbro Charger Miss Do It C Melissa Fisher $2,700
89 Farrier’s Acres, Agent UNCLAIMED Valley Victor Arcata Hanover G Jim Eaton, Agent $4,500
90 George A. Knachmuhs MASTER VIC Valley Victor Gumcorner Gal C Ervin Miller $17,500
91 Fair Meadow Farm SUPERINTENDANT Rosemont Principal Georgi’s Image C Ray Gash $2,700
92 Univ. of Illinois Horse Farm PARKED ON BROADWAY Park Place South Broadway C James Holmes $2,600
93 K.E.M. Standardbreds, Agent HOLLAND PLACE Park Place Legacy Almahurst C Bruce Barmening/Louie Leinberger $2,800
94 Fair Meadow Farm, Agent CONDI Armbro Mackintosh Smashing Alberta F OUT
95 Little Brindle Stable SOCIETY FINALE Incredible Finale Delightful Society F Tony Alagna, Agent $4,800
96 George S. Kauffman APACHE TRICK Ft. Apache Hanover Big Trickster F Clifford & David Johns $1,900
97 Univ. of Illinois Horse Farm EENY MEENY MYNY MO Park Place Too Much Mo F Darcy Pletcher $2,200
98 Hendricks Standardbred GOING BY YOU Warrior For Peace Typcast Lobell C John Bernard $5,000
99 Hunter Farm GYPSY’S GOOD GIRL Wuzzup Expresso Gypsy F Jesse DeLong $9,300
100 Fair Meadow Farm SUGARPLUM Armbro Mackintosh Aerobic Stepper F Eric Ledford, Agent $4,700
Hip # Consignor Yearling Sire Dam Sex Purchased By Amount
100A K.E.M. Standardbreds, Agent VAPOR HILL Vaporize Squaw Hill C Chuck Doehring/Jim Rine $4,500
100B Leroy Moyer, Agent AR ED Cole Muffler Argenta C Ervin Miller $4,500
100C Leroy Moyer STRIKES CONQUEST Art’s Conquest SS Strikes C Brian Loman $9,000
100D Leroy Moyer & Leland Mathias RAIDER Armbro Mackintosh Irene’s Best C Brian Loman $3,500
100E Farrier’s Acres, Agent UNATTACHED Valley Victor Miss Bewitching F Dirk Simpson $6,000
101 Farrier’s Acres, Agent HEATHER SAM Valley Victor Heather Dora C NO SALE
102 Farrier’s Acres, Agent SNACK CRACKER Wilson Wyoming Petronela C OUT
103 Hunter Farm & Frederking Dev. Co. RAKKETY TAM Valley Victor Cardinal Sahibra C Robert Taylor $8,500
104 Fair Meadow Farm, Agent STAR GRACIE Rosemont Principal Ens Born Free F Carol Cox $4,000
105 Farrier’s Acres, Agent SPEEDY ATTACK Valley Victor Speedy Sibyl C Jim Eaton, Agent $6,000
106 Flacco Family Farm BECOME VICTORIOUS Brilliant Victory Quite Becoming F Gary Bunch $3,200
107 Dr. Anna M Ruman SWEET BABY JANE High Falls Mama Mac F Richard Carson $2,600
108 Mary Lea Jeffers HIGH BELL High Falls Merrymaker Lobell G Orval Bronkhorst $3,200
109 Farrier’s Acres, Agent VICTORY HILL Valley Victor Sibyl Hill C NO SALE
110 K.E.M. Standardbreds, Agent GLASS PACK Cole Muffler Fox Valley Monika C Tom Simmons $18,500
111 Fair Meadow Farm LINEMACKER Armbro Mackintosh Champagneforall C John Bernard $7,500
112 Reggie Winters WATCHAGONNADO Sportsmaster Sissy C Mike Brink $13,000
113 Fair Meadow Farm, Agent MACKAROUNDTHE CLOCK Armbro Mackintosh All Day All Night C Shawn Nesst $8,500
114 Univ. of Illinois Horse Farm NOTHINBUTAILIGHTS Park Place Lady Beagle F Karen Walker $3,000
115 K.E.M. Standardbreds, Agent WIDGER PLACE Park Place Noble Prayer C Cunningham Racing Inc. $5,000
116 K.E.M. Standardbreds ROLLIN ON TWENTYS Big Tom Love to Shop F Neil Wood Stables LLC $3,700
117 John Lengacher, Jr. MOVIN LIKE THEWIND Sportsmaster Carn Miss Conny C Michelle Binkley $3,500
118 Fair Meadow Farm MAGEE PLACE Park Place Kitsen Hanover C Ray Gash $3,500
119 Hendricks Standardbred INCREDIBLE ACCESS Incredible Finale Restricted Access C Rob Rittof $8,000
120 Reggie Winters HARDKNOCKS Incredible Finale Chloe Bo C Curtis Rice $3,200
Hip # Consignor Yearling Sire Dam Sex Purchased By Amount
121 Univ. of Illinois Horse Farm MYSTIC KARMA Armbro Mackintosh Fluff Chick C Tom Simmons $15,000
122 George S. Kauffman SUGAR PARK Park Place Sugarpiehoney bunch F Rick Barbre $6,500
123 K.E.M. Standardbreds, Agent IN AGREEMENT Armbro Mackintosh Classic Alliance F Carol Cox $3,000
124 White Rock Farm EASY VICTOR Valley Victor Never Ms Still C Eric Ledford, Agent $25,000
125 Dr. Thomas Monfort SWEET VICTORY Valley Victor Never Still F Charles Doehring $3,000
126 Farrier’s Acres, Agent STAR SWAGGER Valley Victor Star Slinger F Joel Smith $9,700
127 Farrier’s Acres, Agent INDIAN COLORS International Chip India Hall F Peter Karras $9,500
128 Fair Meadow Farm FROSTY CHIP International Chip Westgate Beauty C Barry Rothas $18,000
129 Fair Meadow Farm CHIPPER COOPER International Chip Friendly Cooper C John W. Hacker $6,700
130 Raymond S. Mast DOUBLE STROKE Tidewater Tudino Bigian C Archie Harris $2,200
131 Hendricks Standardbred ONE MORE TRIP Smokey Legend Vel’s Victory C Jackson Loy $1,700
132 Hendricks Standardbred EXTRA MILE Smokey Legend Wisteria C J.D. Finn $1,500
133 Farrier’s Acres READ ON THE HEAD Valley Victor Balanced Logic C Tom Graham $7,500
134 Farrier’s Acres, Agent CLASSY CRUISER Valley Victor Beloved Lobell C Ron Banks $3,000
135 Univ. of Illinois Horse Farm HOOKLINENSINKER Rosemont Principal Festy R F Ronald Knupp $1,500
136 Farrier’s Acres, Agent L F TOPAZ Valley Victor Lonehill St. Teresa C Steve Searle $8,000
137 Hunter Farm TERGIN Valley Victor Pferdchen C Roger Welch $6,500
138 Dr. Tom Monfort A J CHARGER Armbro Charger Sweetest Debt C Mark Fransen $8,000
139 Univ. of Illinois Horse Farm BEWHYOBE Rosemont Principal Miss Hocus Pocus F Lisa Avenatti $2,600
140 Farrier’s Acres BAGDAD LAD Valley Victor Miss Noble Hustle C Vandalay Racing $28,000
141 Farrier’s Acres, Agent CELEBRITY MARIE Meadowbranch Mike Alstroemeria F Ron Banks $1,800
142 Univ. of Illinois Horse Farm, Agent PARK ANGEL Park Place Vocalist C Peter Spaeth $2,500
143 Fair Meadow Farm & Ed Teefey PARK TABLE Park Place Tablematt C Doug Talley $3,000
144 Hendricks Standardbred PLENTY OF WHITE Damien Seelster Pumps F Darcy Pletcher $1,500
145 Fair Meadow Farm MACK MAGEE Armbro Mackintosh Tea And Roses C Kim Ruschiolelli $7,000
Hip # Consignor Yearling Sire Dam Sex Purchased By Amount
146 Open Gate Farm OG’S STARPOINTER Anthony P Swat Sue F OUT
147 Univ. of Illinois Horse Farm YAKITYAK DONTALKBAK Park Place Sassy Girl F Wayne Brown $3,000
148 Hendricks Standardbred GOOD MEMORY Warrior For Peace Convenient Memory F Curtis Rice $1,400
149 Fair Meadow Farm AIRY HEIRESS Armbro Mackintosh Anita’s Heiress F Melissa Fisher $3,000
150 Univ. of Illinois Horse Farm, Agent LATISHA Park Place Camifiwanto F Peter Spaeth $13,000
151 Hendricks Standardbred DROPED YOUR WHAT Warrior For Peace Drop Your Pans F Robert Porter $2,100
152 K.E.M. Standarbreds, Agent MACK JONES Armbro Mackintosh Playbreeze C Dwight Hart $2,000
153 Hidden Hope Farm SHAKIE PORTER Longport Shake Rags Ruthie C Willie Jones $800
154 K.E.M. Standardbreds STAR VALLEY Wilson Wyoming Fox Valley Paradox F OUT
155 Farrier’s Acres TABLEAU Valley Victor Keystone Scrutiny F John Carver $11,000
156 Hendricks Standardbred APRIL SMOKE Smokey Legend Keystone Acclaim C Jackson Loy $2,000
157 White Rock Farm NEVER CLARK Seafood Special Never Tire Me G Danny Clark $1,300
158 Homer L. Miller ARTHUR WYOMING Wilson Wyoming Rosey Posey C Shawn Nesst $3,500
159 Hendricks Standardbred SCORE A LEGEND Smokey Legend Striking Score C Vince Espinosa $1,600
160 Holly Hill Farm & Orville Rusch HOLLY’S M N M Meadowbranch Mike R C’s Love F Robert Porter $900
161 Thundermint Farm PRINCESS JADE Forebearance Scarlet Jade F Gene Williams, Agent $1,500
162 K.E. M. Standardbreds VICTORS SHARONA Valley Victor Twin B. Image F Clyde Stevens $8,500
163 Glenn Ray Jess G J’S LYNETTE Valley Victor Victoria Coe F LaVern Hostetler $8,000
164 Flacco Family Farm BUDDY’S TRIUMPH Giant Triumph Veljada C Glen Miller $1,200
165 Farrier’s Acres, Agent CELEBRITY ROAR Meadowbranch Mike Roaring Twenties C Dennis Lanier $900
166 Raymond S. Mast TROTTIN TUDINO Tidewater Tudino Trottin Harmonic C Mike Reading $1,800
167 Dr. Anna M Ruman LIBERTY VALENCE Smokey Legend La Migra C David Avenatti $1,000
168 Hendricks Standardbred SHOW ME Smokey Legend Lassie ‘N Action C Willie Jones $1,100
169 Kenny Chupp DO A QUICK FLIP Band’s Gold Chip Chancey Minnie C Jennifer Lappe $3,100
170 Farrier’s Acres CURLY’S CORNER Valley Victor Sakra Belle C George Bonomo $4,500
Hip # Consignor Yearling Sire Dam Sex Purchased By Amount
171 Plank and Sons VALLEY MISTRESS Valley Victor Burgomistress F Dennis Gardner $2,500
172 Finish Line Farm WUZZUP BABY Wuzzup Bambi Dancer F Barry Rothas $1,800
173 Fair Meadow Farm & Dr. Ted Locke MACKI MEADOW Armbro Mackintosh Cam’s Meadow Miss F John Hacker $4,200
174 Hidden Hope Farm SHOOTIN DICE Cape Crusader Scootin Dice C OUT
175 Farrier’s Acres, Agent YOBROS BLACK ART Valley Victor Heated Debate C OUT
176 Flacco Family Farm B’S JOYFUL VICTORY Brilliant Victory B Surprised F Gary Kimbro $2,600
177 Open Gate Farm OG’S BOWEHITSKI P. Anthony P Bow Linski C Curtis Rice $700
178 Univ. of Illinois Horse Farm IMA PARKIN OOPS Park Place Fox Valley Spatsie F Trace Tetrick $3,200
179 K.E.M. Standardbreds G TOM Big Tom Jamie G C Curtis Rice $2,900
180 Hidden Hope Farm LILLYS IRISH EYES Longport Pamela B F NO SALE
181 Homer L. Miller OUT OF PARKS Park Place Grand Finish C Ron Banks $2,600
182 Hendricks Standardbred MARIO’S SMOKE Smokey Legend Mario’s Call To Me C Amos Borntrager $1,700
183 Plank and Sons L V LAST SUNRISE Yankee Great Midnit Last Sunrise C NO SALE
184 Univ. of Illinois Horse Farm FINALIZED Park Place Ladyized C Michelle Binkley $3,000
185 K.E.M. Standardbreds SCARLET VALLEY Valley Victor Scarlet Jami F Vandalay Racing $13,000
186 Open Gate Farm OG’S DANCE MISTRESS Anthony P Save Me The Waltz F Aaron Chandler $600
187 Finish Line Farm ALEDO SLEAZY Wuzzup Spring To The Top F $1,600
188 Hendricks Standardbred INVIT WARRIOR Warrior For Peace Pretty Invitation C Leo Edwards $2,000
189 Farrier’s Acres, Agent FASHION DONUT Valley Victor Beth’s Donut F Scott Rigg $2,000
190 George S. Kaufman LAAGOLDENBOY Ft. Apache Hanover Laagold C OUT
191 Lavon R. Chupp FUZZY’S VICTOR Valley Victor Fuzzy Hanover C John Carver $12,500
192 Farrier’s Acres, Agent VICTORY BLADE Valley Victor GTC Blade F OUT
193 Hunter Farm VACTORY Valley Victor Gingersnap C Barry Rothas $3,500
194 Open Gate Farm OG’S WINTER AFFAIR Anthony P Freedom’s Affair F OUT
195 Hendricks Standardbred FOR LOVE OR MONEY Warrior For Peace Mystical Luv F Travis Robinson $1,500
Hip # Consignor Yearling Sire Dam Sex Purchased By Amount
196 Hidden Hope Farm SPORTIN JACK Arizona Jack Sporty Broadcaster C Kevin Cane $600
197 Holly Hill Farm HOLLY HILL MIKE Meadowbranch Mike Holly’s Smirk C OUT
198 Open Gate Farm OG’S UNCLE JOHN Hoist The Yankee Endora C Vertis Wilson $700
199 Hidden Hope Farm ARIZONA SUNSET Arizona Jack Colleens Vision F Vertis Wilson $550
200 Univ. of Illinois Horse Farm THECOLORSDONTRUN Kingston Fox Valley America C Michelle Binkley $1,700
201 Boyd Kilpatrick K’S AMERICAN MOIRA American Native Moring Star Lane F William Alagna $1,200
202 Raymond S. Mast FANCY TIDEWATER Tidewater Tudino Fancy That F Charles Harris $500
203 Finish Line Farm ALEXIS EASY Wuzzup Foreign Object F Larry Barnett, Agent $1,500
204 Farrier’s Acres CELEBRITY STAR Meadowbranch Mike Celebrity Passion F Sherry Carr $3,000
205 Thundermint Farm FINAL FESTINO Final Cheers Festino Hanover N. C Leo Edwards $1,000
206 Raymond S. Mast PIECE OF CLASS Warrior For Peace Classy Westernlady C Michelle Binkley $1,500
207 Sunrise Farm SWITCH HITTER Eicarl’s Diehard Big Filly C NO SALE
208 Raymond S. Mast TRISHA’S TROUBLE Tidewater Tudino L B Victoria F Andrea Long $1,100