1 Fair Meadow Farm Stefanie Ann brf Park Place Georgiaonourmind Jody Outlaw $5200
2 Randall Callahan and Tom Shinn Photojaneic bf Photo Color Jane Muscle Howard Armstrong $550
3 Plank and Sons Yankee Koshier bf Yankee Great Not So Kosher OUT OUT
4 Virgil Raber Countmyspokes bc International Chip Balancing Act Janice Crisler $500
5 Mary Lea Jeffers Tropical Cruise bf Armbro Tropicana Higher Pay James Collier $500
6 Miller Stable M A Niche brf Tequila Spur M A Nichole Harry Trimble $1000
7 Charles Doehring and Cary Doehring CC’s Moonbeam bc Band’s Gold Chip Fox Valley Shiraz Willie Jones $1500
8 Frontier Farms Frontier Major Tom bc Armbro Tropicana Desdemona Donald Bryant $500
9 Chris Raber and Leroy Wagler Myegoistowin bf International Chip The Big Ego OUT OUT
10 Farrier’s Acres Colored Bell bc Photo Color Sarabella George Conley $800
11 Flacco Family Farms Ray of Gold brf Band’s Gold Chip Ens-X-Ray-Rae NO SALE NO SALE
12 Longfellow Farm Star Studded bc Harry’s Star Ranger Cousin J Herman Wheeler $1100
13 Allan S. Miller Evergreens Ted brc Garciaparra Hey Ashley Girl NO SALE NO SALE
14 Virgil Raber VR’s Spaceshuttle bf International Chip Sharron’s Image John A. Smith $500
15 WEH Standardbreds Shady Acres Megan bf Wilson Wyoming Morgans Stormi Tim Wiesling $1200
16 Darrell Yoder L J Northern Rocket blkc Northern Kid Sail With Me South of the Tracks $3200
17 Merle H. Miller Timber View Amos bc Caneel Bay Betsy’s Bambino Leslie Karns $600
18 Kenneth Chupp Twenty Two Gold blkc Band’s Gold Chip Heather Jenna Jamaica Patton $3700
19 Farrier’s Acres Color All bc Photo Color Charge It To Katie Rick Reiner $900
20 Elmer Kaufman LB Miss Queen bf Caneel Bay L B Miss Holly OUT OUT
21 K.E.M. Standardbreds RT Faith bf Cole Muffler St Anne Hall Mark Fransen $6200
22 Mighty Oak Farm Mighty Strong bc Tattler’s Torpedo Christine Storm NO SALE NO SALE
23 Thundermint Farm Speechless brf Final Cheers Atalossforwords Don Collins $1000
24 University of Illinois Animal Sciences Dept Macsdirtylilsecret bf Armbro Mackintosh Secret Alliance Karen S. Walker $3200
25 Fair Meadow Farm Miss Clay County bf Armbro Mackintosh Churchbell Sign Mark Winship $3300
26 Jerry D. Graham, Agent Stephie Clay bf Henry Clay Stephie Kay Harvey Grief $3000
27 Thundermint Farm Constant Cheers brf Final Cheers Constant Vision OUT OUT
28 University of Illinois Animal Sciences Dept Dakota’s Model bc Armbro Mackintosh Debbie’s Model Shawn Nessa $3000
29 Mighty Oak Farm His Promise brc Tattler’s Torpedo Mighty Mandy David Gibbs $1200
30 Ed Teefey Snack bf Cole Muffler No Traffic Janice Crisler $1100
31 Fair Meadow Farm Hero Honey bf Western Hero Naked Lady Rico Johnson $2000
32 Albert L. Jeffers Summer Party brf Party At Artsplace Summer Sunrise Wood Wood Dudzic $2000
33 K.E.M. Standardbreds Park Lane Rose bf Cole Muffler Darling Katherine NO SALE NO SALE
34 Mighty Oak Farm Mighty Emily bf Tattler’s Torpedo Star Jewel NO SALE NO SALE
35 Flacco Family Farms Stellas Goldenband bf Band’s Gold Chip Holly’s Traditional NO SALE NO SALE
36 Frontier Farms Frontier Lulabella bf Caneel Bay Bit O Honey Willie Jones $500
37 Longfellow Farm Differing Star bc Harry’s Star Ranger Beg To Differ James Collier $2500
38 K.E.M. Standardbreds Psychic Express brc Psychic Spirit S V Rascal Joel Smith, Ag. Jack Hood $7000
39 Flacco Family Farms Bandscrabbypattie bf Band’s Gold Chip Pattie Jo Moses Flowers Jr. $1400
40 Kenneth Chupp Valley Chip bf Band’s Gold Chip Heather Valley Michael Williams $800
41 Jerry D. Graham Powerful Jean bf Powerful Emotion Whiteland Bowl Carl Kingery $1000
42 Skyline Standardbreds, LLC Skyline Luke bc Photo Color Lullaby Hanover Janice Crisler $550
43 Mervin H. Miller Mystical Kody brc Garciaparra Mystical Vixen Thomas Throgmorton $1200
44 K.E.M. Standardbreds Valley Kid brc Northern Kid Star Valley Ray Gash $1300
45 Richard McKibbon Lonehill Hallie brf Banderas Hall Lonehill Grace Herman Wheeler $5200
46 Kenneth Chupp Doonie brf Armbro Tropicana Heather Doone Robert Porter $500
47 Flacco Family Farms Significancapacity bc Band’s Gold Chip Immediate NO SALE NO SALE
48 Merle H. Miller Timber View Robby brc Caneel Bay Ohtobeabeauty OUT OUT
49 Mary Lea Jeffers Jet Streak bf High Falls Jeffers Jet George Conley $1300
50 Jerry D. Graham Mystical Emotion bf Powerful Emotion Sugar Lady Dale Van Winkle $1400
51 K.E.M. Standardbreds Railside Cooper chc Vaporize Recoopment T Watson Agent $3700
52 Fair Meadow Farm Southwest At Ten bf Southwind Breeze Twilight Fire HS Farm Agent $1200
53 Kenneth Chupp Herecomesthe Breeze bf Southwind Breeze Alesha Marie Janice Crisler $550
54 Frontier Farms Frontier Napoleon blkc Band’s Gold Chip Sarah’s Crown Jamaica Patton $1300
55 W.E.H. Standardbreds Tropi-Bowl bg Armbro Tropicana Miss Bolla OUT OUT
56 Darrell Yoder L J Fire Snapper bc Banderas Hall Osmo Hanover Gary Rath $800
57 Jerry D. Graham Powerful Capn Kell bc Powerful Emotion Ambro Katydid HW Wright $1000
58 Melissa Carlson Precious Spirit bf Psychic Spirit Precious Nicol L Gerald Hanson $1900
59 Longfellow Farm Star of Victory brf Harry’s Star Ranger Victory Binge Jerome Daniels $900
60 K.E.M. Standardbreds So Friedly bf Photo Color Egberdina Kenny Collier Agent $5200
61 K.E.M. Standardbreds Janae Lynne bf Yankee Skyscraper Pretty Hoosier Herman Wheeler $5400
62 Fair Meadow Farm, Agent for Bonnie Becker Sally Hero bf Western Hero Motoring Sally N ALN Racing Stable $4500
63 Larry Minnis Sun Belle Cole bf Cole Muffler Broadway Lullabye Darcy Pletcher $6500
64 Dr. Diana Wilson My BFF bf Ft Apache Hanover Fancy Creek Myah Gary Bunch $3000
65 Albert L. Jeffers Party Hangover brf Party At Artsplace Maura Hanover Kelly Perrymond $2200
66 K.E.M. Standardbreds RT Skyscraper brf Yankee Skyscraper Incredible Seven Robyn Mullink $3000
67 Fair Meadow Farm Completecommitment bf Armbro Mackintosh Go The Extra Mile Janice Crisler $2800
68 Dr. Diana Wilson TW’s Valentine bf Ft Apache Hanover Yes Virginia Yest Carroll Hays $6700
69 Julius Munie Carolina Yankee bf Yankee Skyscraper Carolina Cami Curtis Rice $3300
70 Fair Meadow Farm Barry Direct bc Armbro Mackintosh Lady Director N. Bruce and Nikki Rundle $3200
71 Mighty Oak Farm Rapid Rod brc Tattler’s Torpedo Andria Doria Robert Porter $1200
72 R W Fish, DVM Chester B chc Vaporize Toot My Horn OUT OUT
73 Robert Rietveld Blazing Bandana bf Garciaparra Wired Stephen Smith $2000
74 Kenneth Chupp Wannabeagoodgirl bf Powerful Emotion Alfalfa Girl M Potter J Dudzic $1000
75 Richard McKibbon Lonehill Kylie bf Powerful Emotion Lonehill Babette Stephen Smith $1700
76 Mervin H. Miller Power Talk brf Powerful Emotion Paola Hanover Darla Martin $3000
77 Kenneth Chupp AJR Fancy Lady bf Tequila Spur Swift Connection Ronald Lelo $700
78 Sunrise Farm The Swan Song brc Banderas Hall Harpsichord Freddie Patton Sr. $2500
79 K.E.M. Standardbreds Speedbank bf Powerful Emotion Wall Street Floozy J. Smith Agent J. Hood $29000
80 Kathleen Kuebler Pier Pressure bg Armbro Tropicana Celebrity Charter OUT OUT
81 Dr. Anna M. Ruman Master Mac bc Psychic Spirit Mama Mac Mark Fritts $8500
82 Fair Meadow Farm Bold Breeze bc Southwind Breeze Choreograpy Karla Schubert $7000
83 Jerry D. Graham Powerful Poet bf Powerful Emotion Fox Valley Poetry Joel Smith $8000
84 Miller Stable M A Primrose brf Tequila Spur Heather Beth Neil Wood $1100
85 University of Illinois Animal Sciences Dept Vanishinthebreeze bc Southwind Breeze Miss Hocus Pocus Gerald Hanson $5200
86 Robert Rietveld Mighty and Fierce bf Tequilla Spur Talcott Lori David Martin $800
87 Kenneth Chupp Miss Alina K bf Northern Kid Divine Miss Moses Flowers Jr $550
88 R W Fish, DVM Victor B bc Banderas Hall Victory Blade Kenny Collier Agent $3000
89 Richard McKibbon Lonehill Lindsey brf Banderas Hall Lonehill St. Teresa OUT OUT
90 Flacco Family Farms Kalthazod brc Band’s Gold Chip Sierra Miss NO SALE NO SALE
91 K.E.M. Standardbreds Northern Blues bf Northern Kid Fox Valley Grace Alan Bowen $3000
92 Jerry D. Graham Powerful Paigie brf Powerful Emotion Sweetsie Frazer Ronald Knupp $1700
93 Kenneth Chupp Goodolespitfire bf Tequila Spur Heather Nancy Kelly Perrymond $600
94 Dr. Anna M. Ruman Vroom bf Psychic Spirit Beloved Lobell Gerald Hanson $4000
95 Fair Meadow Farm Blown Away bc Southwind Breeze Shove-Off
96 Jerry D. Graham Powerful Galaxy brf Powerful Emotion Space Mama Jamaica Patton $1000
97 K.E.M. Standardbreds Obermeierzilla brc Cape Crusader High Altitude NO SALE NO SALE
98 Thundermint Farm Green Goblin brc Big Green Machine Fox Valley Athena Brian Cotton $3200
99 University of Illinois Animal Sciences Dept PC Hero bc Western Hero Jenna’s Avalanche Rick Reimer $1900
100 Deric, Sheila and Dean Wetherell Look Ma No Hands roc Armbro Mackintosh Lady Beagle Darcy Pletcher $5500
101 Fair Meadow Farm, Agent for Bonnie Becker Cheyenne Song bf Armbro Mackintosh Southwind Sonata Homer Henke $3200
102 Thundermint Farm Through My Eyes brf Final Cheers Ms Fighting Major Herman Wheeler $4500
103 K.E.M. Standardbreds Sports Dixie brf Sportsmaster Dixie Doll Chad Porter $3000
104 Fair Meadow Farm Henry Hammer bc Droppin’ thehammer Possessive Dragon Thomas Throgmorton $2000
105 Dr. Diana Wilson Claire De Lune bf Ft Apache Hanover Carousel Tune Victor Meyer $1700
106 Derek Jacobus Western Model bc Western Hero Graceful Model Janice Crisler $3200
107 Fair Meadow Farm College Boy bc Armbro Mackintosh Sexplosion Gerry Brown $3200
108 WEH Standardbreds Ilostmyhammer bc Droppin’ thehammer Simply Camtastic Henry Trimble $1300
109 Thundermint Farm High On The Hog brf Final Cheers Cole Amour Bridget Williams $2500
110 Fair Meadow Farm Miss Northwestern bf Western Hero FD Together Again Philip Powell $2500
111 K.E.M. Standardbreds Codetalker bc American Native Hit The Lights Mark Fransen $2000
112 Julius Munie Giant-Jellyroll bf Banderas Hall Giantjellybean Lavern Hostetler $2200
113 Robert Rietveld Allied bf Armbro Tropicana NO SALE NO SALE
114 Mary Lea Jeffers LL Game bf High Falls Net Game Dale Van Winkle $1700
115 K.E.M. Standardbreds RT Elizabeth bf Northern Kid Grace Elizabeth Brian Quaid $2800
116 Kenneth Chupp Hookem brc Armbro Tropicana Heather Doreen Paul Cavett $1100
117 Jerry D. Graham Powerful Rosie bf Powerful Emotion Red Rose Kosmos Pam Coleman Agent $1700
118 Thundermint Farm Al’s Hammered blkc Droppin’ the hammer Albert’s Magic Robert Philips $2000
119 Larry G. Taylor HTHhero bc Western Hero So Funny Dennis Ippolito $2000
120 Sunrise Farm To The Top bf Yankee Skyscraper Fox Valley Passion Philip Cotton $4000
121 Fair Meadow Farm, Agent for Kurt Becker Megowan bc Western Hero Smashing Alberta Robert and Carol Yohn $3500
122 K.E.M. Standardbreds Sticks bf Incredible Finale Armbro Dexterous Rob Rittof $3100
123 Larry G. Taylor Dropping The Boots brc Droppin’ thehammer Put The Boots Mackenzie McDonald $1600
124 University of Illinois Animal Sciences Dept Jimmy Turn West brc Western Hero Cole Fanny Kelly Perrymond $2300
125 Fair Meadow Farm, Agent for Jon and Susan Becker Nineeleven Hero bc Western Hero Forever Gorgeous Herman Wheeler $6500
126 K.E.M. Standardbreds Banderas Special bf Banderas Hall Service Special Kenny Collier Agent $3500
127 Flacco Family Farms Cedar Point Noni bc International Chip Paper Ducks Inarow Vince Esinosa $1100
128 Farrier’s Acres VJ’s Photo bc Photo Color VJ’s Cheyenne Jack James $1200
129 Julius Munie Emotional Chip bf Powerful Emotion Fox Valley Latoya Donald Bryant $900
130 Miller Stable M A Sugar brf Tequila Spur My Sugar Babe NO SALE NO SALE
131 Dean and Michael Wetherell Put A Cork In It bf Garciaparra She’s Fancy Free Jerome Daniels $600
132 K.E.M. Standardbreds Northern Joyce bf Northern Kid I C Joy Charles Harl $500
133 Flacco Family Farms Masked Bandit bc Band’s Gold Chip Holly’s Witchy NO SALE NO SALE
134 K.E.M. Standardbreds JW Kid bc Northern Kid JW Jet NO SALE NO SALE
135 Miller Stable M A Cinnamon brf Tequila Spur M A Candy NO SALE NO SALE
136 Albert L. Jeffers High Stakes bc High Falls Dashing Crown Gerald Hanson $700
137 Kenneth Chupp Photo Smith bc Photo Color Heather Chelsea Mike Brink $800
138 Jerry D. Graham Powerful Sweetie brf Powerful Emotion Sweetest Debt Joel Smith $6200
139 Julius Munie Tomato Soup bf Banderas Hall Tomato Herman Wheeler $3700
140 Mary Lea Jeffers Nathan’s Game bc High Falls Merry Game Brenda Watson $5700
141 Skyline Dale Photo Color Rico Johnson $700
142 K.E.M. Standardbreds RT Cobra bc Yankee Skyscraper Four Starzzz Fox Moses Flowers Jr. $1800
143 Derek Jacobus Hot N’ Dry Cole brc Cole Muffler Broadway Siren NO SALE NO SALE
144 Fair Meadow Farm, Agent for Bonnie Becker National Hero bc Western Hero Four Starzzzz Gal Shawn Nessa Agent $5000
145 Jerry D. Graham, Agent Sculpture of Life bf Henry Clay Threads of Life Jack Webb $6000
146 K.E.M. Standardbreds RT Kaylee bf Yankee Skyscraper Hailee Mindale Rico Johnson $2000
147 Jerry D. Graham Powerful Viking bc Powerful Emotion Alpine Queen HW Wright $1400
148 Farrier’s Acres Miss Bella bf Valley Victor Isabella Hall Gerald Hanson $2800
149 Farrier’s Acres Skyline Fanny bf Photo Color Fausta Jerome Daniels $1300
150 K.E.M. Standardbreds Roll on Kid brc Northern Kid Roll A Bolla Kenny Collier Agent $1400
151 Flacco Family Farms Krispy’s Gold bf Band’s Gold Chip Ms Liz Lavec NO SALE NO SALE
152 Jerry D. Graham Powerful Tuf Guy bc Powerful Emotion Tuf Kim David C. Hermann $5500
153 Clinard Racing, LLC Locked N High Gear bf Cole Muffler Ten Speed Hamm Family Trust $5000
154 University of Illinois Animal Sciences Dept Gamble On The Girl blkf Armbro Mackintosh Box Car Girl Freddie Patton Jr. $1800
155 Fair Meadow Farm Nineoneone Hero bc Western Hero Anita’s Heiress Rico Johnson $3300
156 Dr. Diana Wilson Urawomanizer bc Ft Apache Hanover Fox Valley Ivy Jesse Delong $20000
157 Fair Meadow Farm Western Story bc Western Hero Toy Story Chad Parker $3100
158 Deric, Sheila and Dean Wetherell Wannamaker Dream bf Armbro Mackintosh Speeding Bunny David Snyder $4000
159 Dr. Diana Wilson Young Bear bc Ft Apache Hanover Soaring Graces Thomas Throgmorton $5000
160 Mighty Oak Farm Lion of Judah bc Nuclear Legacy Butterscotch Vicki Thomas Throgmorton $2500
161 Ed Teefey In Tune bf Yankee Skyscraper Tuneful Hanover OUT OUT
162 Clinard Racing, LLC All Cammed Up bf Cole Muffler Cams Bett NO SALE NO SALE
163 Kenneth Chupp Cowgirl Katie chf Armbro Tropicana Heather Susan Jesse Delong $2200
164 Carroll E. Yeazle Orange Pride bc Sportsmaster Orange Breeze John Carver $19000
165 Farrier’s Acres In A Photo chf Photo Color Fettuccina Clifford Johns $700
166 University of Illinois Animal Sciences Dept Monique’s Hero bf Western Hero I’m gonnagetcha good Diana Wilson $2000
167 Deric, Sheila and Dean Wetherell Toesnwaterbutnsand bc Armbro Mackintosh Rendy Luv Tony Sanders $2100
168 Flacco Family Farms Bandsbluedog brc Band’s Gold Chip Holly’s Special NO SALE NO SALE
169 Mighty Oak Farm Susie B Jones brf Tattler’s Torpedo My Precious Bunny William Mellinger $1200
170 Kenneth Chupp Hopeforthebest chc Amrbro Tropicana Kan Hope Kelly Jo Bell $700
171 Mary Lea Jeffers Fooey’s Boy bc High Falls Fooey Orval Bronkhorst $1000
172 Flacco Family Farms Au Digger bc Band’s Gold Chip Victoria Sunshine NO SALE NO SALE
173 Farrier’s Acres Dropdeck brf Droppin’ thehammer Ball Hands On Dex Leslie Johnson $1600
174 Thundermint Farm Secondclasscitizen brf Big Green Machine Booey OUT OUT
175 Albert L. Jeffers Anniversary Party brc Party At Artsplace Pocket Maiden Ronald Knupp $2700
176 Derek Jacobus Too Sporty For You blkc Sportsmaster Fox Valley Rachel Jesse Delong $7000