1 Flacco Family Farms, LLC FOXY POLAR bf Polar Winner Action Girl John Smith $1,400
2 Albert Jeffers ZANNY bc High Falls Alexandra’s Starr James Collier $1,200
3 Fair Meadow Farm HIT DUNE bf Duneside Perch Alhambra Hanover Greg Riley $1,700
4 Amzi and Darrell Miller, Agent for Bonnie Becker SANDY DUNE bf Duneside Perch All Day All Night George Bonomo $14,500
5 University of Illinois Animal Sciences Department IMALIMITED EDITION bf Duneside Perch Amispecialorwhat Mark Fransen $10,000
6 Albert Jeffers FOX TROT bc High Falls Begin The Beguine Brett Ballinger $2,200
7 Miller Stable M A CAMMIE brf Life Guard On Duty Big Bucks Cam Charles J. Krummick $3,000
8 Fair Meadow Farm SOUTHWEST AT FIVE bf Southwind Breeze Big Z Cornsilk Willard Mellinger $4,000
9 Thundermint Farm BUST MY CHOPS bf Big Green Machine Booey Robert Phillips $2,500
10 Albert Jeffers DESERT STORM bf Party At Artsplace Breif Wars Jerry Dudzik $3,000
11 Lee Gaule GOIN SHOPPIN bf Lis Mara Broadway Elite Ervin Miller Stable $5,000
12 K.E.M. Standardbreds LONEHILL MARIA bf High Falls Brookview Granny Don Huddleston $3,500
13 Fair Meadow Farm CAMI DUNE bf Duneside Perch Cam’s Meadow Miss OUT OUT
14 Clinard Racing, LLC DALLAS JONES brf Sportsmaster Cams Bett Joel Smith $4,000
15 Frederking Developing Co. CARDINAL BREEZE bf Southwind Breeze Cardinal Outburst Joel Smith $6,500
16 Flacco Family Farms, LLC CHEAP CHARLIE brc Band’s Gold Chip Chally Car James Collier $2,500
17 Thundermint Farm PAIN RELIEF bc Final Cheers Cole Amour Robert Phillips $4,000
18 University of Illinois Animal Sciences Department BAKSIDEBAR NLOUNGE blc Duneside Perch Cole Fanny Barry Hall $2,600
19 Fair Meadow Farm DEBI DUNE brf Duneside Perch Condi Perry Smith $10,000
20 Farrier’s Acres SKYLINE CELIA bf Photo Color Counselor Hall Benita Simmons $3,400
21 Little Brindle Stable HERSMAN bc Sportsmaster Cyberspur Rich Crum $13,000
22 Finish Line Farm AONEANDATWO bc Goalie Jeff Dance Session OUT OUT
23 K.E.M. Standardbreds CASH LANE DARLING bf Yankee Skyscraper Darling Katherine Angie Affrunti $3,500
24 Albert L. Jeffers DASHING HIGH bc High Falls Dashing Crown OUT OUT
25 Flacco Family Farms, LLC DESI BAND bc Band’s Gold Chip Desma Hanover NO SALE NO SALE
26 Albert Jeffers GENTLE JANET brf Party At Artsplace Dinuba N. Ron Knupp $4,000
27 Kenneth Chupp EN DIVINE bf Armbro Tropicana Divine Miss En Henry H. Trimble $2,200
28 K.E.M. Standardbreds KITTITAS bc Duneside Perch Dixie Doll Freddy Patton, Jr. $6,000
29 Dean Wetherell and Michael Wetherell GONNA GETYA bc Southwind Breeze Donna’s Image Bridget Williams $2,500
30 K.E.M. Standardbreds EVERGREEN’S EARL bc Northern Kid Earl Bay Kay Willis $6,000
31 Flacco Family Farms LAPBAND bf Band’s Gold Chip Ens X-Ray Rae Kelsey Perrymond $2,300
32 Dr. Diane Wilson PRAIRIE THUNDER bc Ft. Apache Hanover Fancy Creek Myah Gary Bunch $3,900
33 Farrier’s Acres SKYLINE DAWN bf Photo Color Fausta Jesse Delong $4,700
34 Fair Meadow Farm BRIGADUNE chc Duneside Perch FD Togetheragain Ron Cox $3,500
35 Mary Lea Jeffers KUNG FOO FIGHTER chc New Balance Fooey James Collier $1,500
36 Fair Meadow Farm SUSIE DUNE chf Duneside Perch Forever Gorgeous OUT OUT
37 Thundermint Farm LIVE AT FIVE bf Big Green Machine Four Starzzz Way Tommy Grant $3,000
38 Thundermint Farm DEEP DISH bf Final Cheers Fox Valley Athena Frank Marsaglia $2,000
39 University of Illinois Animal Sciences Department RYLEIGH’S LILLY brf Western Hero Fox Valley Chosen OUT OUT
40 Robert Rietveld RIET’S KID brc Northern Kid Fox Valley Grace Frank Marsaglia $1,500
41 Howard Schrock POWERFUL GRETTA bf Powerful Emotion Fox Valley Gretta Ron Desyllas $3,700
42 Dr. Diana Wilson I’M A WILD FLOWER bf Ft. Apache Hanover Fox Valley Ivy Christine Buttice $16,000
43 Levi A. Herschberger PEH BANDIT bc Banderas Hall Fox Valley Maura Rick Reimes $2,300
44 Derek Jacobus RUN AWAY SPORT brc Sportsmaster Fox Valley Rachel Ray Hanna $5,500
45 Charles Doehring and Cary Doehring ELEGANT BELLE bf Southwind Breeze Fox Valley Shiraz Robert Taylor $3,500
46 Fair Meadow Farm DUNE RIGHT brc Duneside Perch Georgiaonourmind Perry Smith $14,000
47 Flacco Family Farms, LLC BANDS ZEPHYR bc Band’s Gold Chip Gia’s Speedster M & J Stable, Inc. $4,000
48 Bart Seales I O U NOTHING bf Vaporize Gingerontheisland Bob Beggs $3,000
49 Fair Meadow Farm ONE AND DUNE brc Duneside Perch Go the Extra Mile Roderick Throgmorton $11,000
50 Albert Jeffers GOLDEN PARTY bc Party At Artsplace Golden Finale Bart Seales $6,000
51 Finish Line Farm DYTZEE BLOND bf Duneside Perch Gorgeous Miss Bryan Brown $1,000
52 Fair Meadow Farm GEORGIAANDCINDY bf Duneside Perch Greedy Dale Kanitz $9,000
53 Larry G. Taylor HTH OLYVIA bf Cruiser Weight Hawaiian Melody Bridget Williams $3,200
54 Kenneth Chupp MISS GOLD J blf Band’s Gold Chip Heather Doreen Bart Seales $4,500
55 Kenneth Chupp COWBOY JOHN bc Armbro Tropicana Heather Jenna Lilly Racing $5,100
56 William H. Gross and Ann Gross-Friedley PROMENADE bf Powerful Emotion High As My Heart Marcus Turner $2,500
57 Fair Meadow Farm BIG BREEZE bc Soutwind Breeze HM Striking Faith Cliff Graber $6,000
58 Flacco Family Farms, LLC BANDS TRADITIONAL bf Band’s Gold Chip Holly’s Traditional Hosea Williams $2,700
59 Dean Wetherell and Michael Wetherell CARALEA bf Garciaparra I C Joy Carol Ann Houser $1,800
60 Fair Meadow Farm DOLLY DUNE bf Duneside Perch Ideal McKenna Perry Smith $19,000
61 K.E.M. Standardbreds INCREDIBLE PERCH bc Duneside Perch Incredible Seven Kay Willis $12,000
62 Flacco Family Farms, LLC BANDS BIG SPENDER bc Band’s Gold Chip Jen’s Big Spender Phil Langley $4,000
63 K.E.M. Standardbreds EVERGREEN’S DUNESIDE chc Duneside Perch Just A Rumor Herman Wheeler $5,000
64 Robert Rietveld JUST FOR FUN brf Armbro Tropicana Just Having Fun NO SALE NO SALE
65 Deric and Sheila Wetherell and Dean Wetherell GONNAGETSIDEWAYS rc Life Guard On Duty Lady Beagle Amy Quint $5,700
65a Fair Meadow Farm RATHER B FISHING bf Duneside Perch L Dees Sushi Phil Langley $6,000
66 Jean Alwardt DUNESIDE TERMITE bf Duneside Perch Lexie Lulu Cliff Brooks $2,500
67 Fair Meadow Farm ALL DUNE bc Duneside Perch Linwood Hanna Joel Smith $16,500
68 Sunrise Farm LONEHILL BANDY bc Banderas Hall Lonehill Babette Freddy Patton, Jr. $1,500
69 Miller Stable M A PEGGY bf Tequila Spur M A Candy Vince Espinosa $2,200
70 Fair Meadow Farm GITR DUNE brc Duneside Perch Macs Only Mins Trenton Watson $4,700
71 Mervin Gingerich HUMMING POWER brf Powerful Emotion Mag Hummer John Smith $1,400
72 Fair Meadow Farm WELL DUNE brf Duneside Perch Magical Kit Tim Wilson, Jr. Agent $15,000
73 Fair Meadow Farm NAME THAT DUNE bc Duneside Perch Mark’s Lovebug Crystal Lappe $6,500
74 Mary Lea Jeffers CRUISIN’ THE NILE brf Party At Artsplace Meri Lynn Legacy Ray Hanna $5,200
75 Mighty Oak Farm MIGHTY MAY DAY blf Tattler’s Torpedo Mighty May Clifton Brooks $2,000
76 University of Illinois Animal Sciences Department DIVINATION brf Southwind Breeze Miss Hocus Pocus Derek Jacobus/Kevin Kline $6,500
77 University of Illinois Animal Sciences Department TROTAHOLINTHEBREZE bf Southwind Breeze Miss Onree Phillip Cotton $3,500
77a Farrier’s Acres POWERFUL VALOR brc Powerful Emotion Miss Tina Ambrosio Cliff Grober, Agent $3,500
78 Thundermint Farm BUMMED OUT bc Big Green Machine Ms Fighting Major NO SALE NO SALE
79 James Rine and Charles Doehring ELEGANT ROSIE brf Banderas Hall Mystical Connection George Knackmuhs $3,000
80 University of Illinois Animal Sciences Department NATURAL DIVA bf Duneside Perch Natural Law Jodie Outlaw $3,700
81 Mary Lea Jeffers WHAT A GAME bf New Balance Net Game Alan Bower $3,000
82 Mary Lea Jeffers APRIL PRIZE brf Party At Artsplace Nice Prize Perry Tillman $5,700
83 Flacco Family Farms, LLC BAND’S KIPPER bc Band’s Gold Chip Not So Kosher Samual M. Daddono $3,500
83a Farrier’s Acres ONE SURE HENRY brc Henry Clay One Sure Thing Robert Phillips $11,000
84 Finish Line Farm PIXIE BELL bf Goalie Jeff Pan’s Pixie Steven Renard $1,600
85 Flacco Family Farms, LLC BANDS DECOY brf Band’s Gold Chip Paper Ducks Inarow Willie Jones $2,900
86 Albert Jeffers PARTY IN THE PARK rc Party At Artsplace Park Lane Splendor Jim Wood $6,000
87 Robert and Taylor Rietveld ABANDONED bf Banderas Hall Peace And Quiet OUT OUT
88 Fair Meadow Farm DUNE OVER bc Duneside Perch PerfectlyHonest Marcus Turner $5,500
89 Farrier’s Acres UNNAMED COLT bc Banderas Hall Pferdchen Dave Frederking $3,000
90 Mary Lea Jeffers ATOMIC ART bc Party At Artsplace Playful Nukes Marvin Hill $5,200
91 K.E.M. Standardbreds JULIE BIG EAGLE chf Duneside Perch Pretty Hoosier Larry Northrop $4,500
92 Fair Meadow Farm DUNE IT brf Duneside Perch Princess Anna Herman Wheeler $14,000
93 Albert Jeffers PARTY PRINCESS blf Party At Artsplace Princess Nadia Kelsey Perymond $5,000
94 Little Brindle Stable PRINCESS ADDIE chf Classic Photo Princess Pan OUT OUT
95 Dr. Diana Wilson FT ROBERT LEE bc Ft. Apache Hanover Prized Penny Charles Lewis $3,500
96 University of Illinois Animal Sciences Department ROSE’S CYCLONE brc Southwind Breeze Rose’s Bloom Tom Thorgmorton $3,000
97 Fair Meadow Farm DUNE DID IT bc Duneside Perch Rudalee Hanover Tannor Spittler $30,000
98 Fair Meadow Farm ROYAL AMERICAN bc American Native Savory Hall Ronnie Gillespie $3,000
99 Thundermint Farm CONSPIRACY THEORY brc Big Green Machine Shania’s Beach Girl Chermal Horton $2,500
100 Fair Meadow Farm DUNE IN RED chf Duneside Perch She Has The Look Michael Einhaus $7,700
101 Flacco Family Farms SHERRY’S BAND bf Band’s Gold Chip Sherry B. Rulie Freddy Patton, Jr. $2,700
102 Fair Meadow Farm BREEZE OFF bf Southwind Breeze Shove-Off Kermit Hinshaw $5,200
103 Flacco Family Farms, LLC GOLDEN SIERRA bf Band’s Gold Chip Sierra Miss Ron Cox $4,000
104 Fair Meadow Farm GREG AND FLEX bc Duneside Perch Smashing Alberta Perry Smith $8,500
105 Lee Gaule LOOKINTHRUTHECRACK brg Yankee Skyscraper Smiling Fantasy Chermal Horton $3,500
106 Larry G. Taylor HTH SO FUNNY bf Cruiser Weight So Funny Ronald Greer $3,200
107 Finish Line Farm MISSGOODYTWOSHOES bf Santanna Blue Chip So Happy Together Jim Aust, Agent $2,200
108 Jean Alwardt DUNESIDE BRAT bf Duneside Perch Society Brat Jack Hood, Mystical Marker Farm, M. Anderson $11,000
109 University of Illinois Animal Sciences Department RESONATING SILENCE brf Duneside Perch Sounds of Silence Kay Willis $5,500
110 Albert Jeffers SOUTHERN PARTY bf Party At Artsplace Southern Star Derrick Flowers $3,400
111 Mighty Oak Farm THIS SPARK WIL FLY brc Tattler’s Torpedo Sparkling Diamond OUT OUT
112 Deric and Sheila Wetherell and Dean Wetherell MAUI GOLD bf Life Guard On Duty Speeding Bunny Ronnie Gillespie $6,000
113 Flacco Family Farms POLAR BLAZE bc Polar Winner Starlite Blaze M & J Stable, Inc. $2,900
114 Robert Rietveld ZIPPED bf Tequila Spur Talcott Lori Owen Julius $2,000
115 Finish Line Farm GOAL LINE SASSY bf Goalie Jeff Thunder Bolt John Davidson $1,700
116 Lee Gaule HEART OF A YANKEE bg Yankee Skyscaper Untamed Heart Phil Cotton $4,200
117 Flacco Family Farms, LLC BANDS INVICTA bc Band’s Gold Chip Victoria Sunshine Willie Jones $3,200
118 Robert and Taylor Rietveld BOLD VANITY bg Banderas Hall Victors Duchess Trenton & Braden Watson $2,700
119 Flacco Family Farms, LLC BANDS HONEYSUCKLE bf Band’s Gold Chip Vintage Event Moses Flowers, Jr. $2,700
120 Clinard Racing, LLC VISA BELLA LASCITO bf Cole Muffler Visa Belle Dirk Simpson, Agent $11,000
121 William H. Gross STRONG EMOTION bc Powerful Emotion Vivacious Victory Mike Brink $8,000
122 K.E.M. Standardbreds SNEAKY bf Powerful Emotion Wall Street Floozy Nick Giberson $16,000
123 Joni Lambright WIRED BANDERA brf Banderas Hall Wired Trenton Watson $6,200
124 Howard Schrock GARCIA’S GOLD bc Garciaparra Wyoming Gold Orval Bronkhorst $2,500
125 Dr. Diana Wilson VA IS FOR LOVERS bc Ft. Apache Hanover Yes Virginia Yes Marlin Roberts $6,000
126 Mary Lea Jeffers NEWS IN PLACE bc Party At Artsplace You’re In The News John Barnard $4,200
127 Fair Meadow Farm MAC A DUNE brc Duneside Perch Zsa Zsa Bilmac Hosea Williams $3,600
128 Reuben W. Otto TOTALCOLOR brc Photo Color Totally Conched Michael Whitaker $1,800