Hip # Consignor Yearling Sire Dam Sex Purchased By Amount
1 Flacco Family Farms REDLIGHTMEANSGO Giant Triumph Ens X-Ray Rae F No Sale $0
2 Plank and Sons LV’S DREAM MASTER Yankee Great Especially Me C No Sale $0
3 Philip R. Jones FROSTONPUNKIN Richess Hanover Explicit Language C OUT $0
4 University of Illinois Horse Farm PARK WITH MY CRUSH Park Place First Crush F Jerry Oudjih $9,000
5 University of Illinois Horse Farm COLE HEARTED CHICK Cole Muffler Fluff Chick F Herman Wheeler $3,700
6 Dr. Diane Wilson UNNAMED COLT Ft. Apache Hanover Fox Valley Ivy C Dick Altman $3,000
7 K.E.M. Standardbreds RTNEXT Richess Hanover Fox Valley Chitown C Darcy Pletcher $20,000
8 K.E.M. Standardbreds LIKE RED ON AROSE Ft. Apache Hanover Fox Valley Colleen F Hannah Miller $6,000
9 K.E.M. Standardbreds DOUBLETROUBLE Richess Hanover Fox Valley Monika C Ron Desyllas $20,000
10 Bart Seales BLACK CROW Armbro Mackintosh Foxie Jail Bait C Ronald Lott $3,700
11 University of Illinois Horse Farm FREE PARKIN BEIND Park Place Freemont Street F Mike Perrin $5,500
12 Ernest H. Miller EBM CHECKINTHEMAIL Dreamland Front Page Madame C Jessie Turnipseed $1,700
13 Wilson Farm LETSTAKEITOUTSIDE Tsunami Ranger Garlandish C OUT $0
14 Flacco Family Farms GIANNAMORE Expecting More Gia’s Speedster F Brenda Watson $2,200
15 Wilson Farm THE WITNESS Ft. Apache Hanover Go Flo Jo Go C Mike Davison $4,200
16 Mary Lea Jeffers NEW GOLDEN VOICE Party At Artsplace Golden Finale C Jessie Turnipseed $3,000
17 Fair Meadow Farm DIXIE DARLIN Park Place Greedy F James E. Springfield $4,500
18 Doug and Ada Jean Ackerman HAPPY TO BE HERE Art’s Conquest Happy Reverie F Jessie Turnipseed $3,000
19 Sherry J. Carr CAM’S LITTLEROCKET Cam’s Rocket Holly B. Jeweled C Jamie Daniels $1,700
20 Flacco Family Farms BRILLIANT HARMONY Brilliant Victory Holly’s Harmonious F Gary Bunch $3,000
21 Flacco Family Farms BRILLIANT RITUAL Brilliant Victory Holly’s Tradition C Norman C. Kaiser $2,000
22 Fox Valley Standardbreds FOX VALLEY GABRIEL Vaporize Fox Valley Grace C Wayne Brown $4,000
23 Wilson Farm HY’S PEGGY Trophy Catch Hy’s Foxie Peggy F Desyllas Racing LLC./William Beck $6,000
24 University of Illinois Horse Farm SNOWPLACE Park Place Jenna’s Avalanche F Peter Spaeth $11,000
25 Dr. Phillip Holloway SWERVE ON IT Ft. Apache Hanover KL Tease F Corey L Stewart $3,000
Hip # Consignor Yearling Sire Dam Sex Purchased By Amount
26 Fair Meadow Farm SCOOT N PARK Park Place Kami Scooter C Charlottee Durante $3,200
27 Fair Meadow Farm SIMMONS PLACE Park Place Kitsen Hanover C Darcy Pletcher $5,000
28 University of Illinois Horse Farm WALKNINTHEMOONLITE Park Place Lady Beagle F Jessie Turnipseed $2,200
29 Mighty Oak Farm MIGHTY FAITH Tattler’s Torpedo Legacy of Faith F Albert Clemons $1,000
30 Dr. Diane Wilson JOSH’S TROPHY Trophy Catch Legit Hanover C Willie Jones $2,700
31 Merle H. Miller DREAM ANN Dreamland M B Chrissy F Ervin Miller, Agent $4,300
32 Dr. Anna M Ruman CAPTAIN RAMIUS Psychic Spirit Mama Mac C Hosea Williams $6,000
33 Flacco Family Farms MAMMY MORE Expecting More Mammy Blue F Freddie Patton, Sr. $1,500
34 Wilson Farm I’LL BET THE FARM Trophy Catch Marie Montessori C Roshun Trigg $2,500
35 Plank and Sons LV’S GREAT MIDNIT Yankee Great Midnit Last Sunrise C Howard Armstrong $2,300
36 Fair Meadow Farm MACK METT Armbro Mackintosh Millie’s Revenge C Brenda Watson $3,000
37 University of Illinois Horse Farm SPELLBOUND Vaporize Miss Hocus Pocus F Dale Kanitz $8,200
38 Plank and Sons TOOTS YANK Yankee Great Miz Tootsie Belle C Helen Pepper $1,600
39 Philip R. Jones DEEP MARGARITA Nukes Himself Monday Millbank C No Sale $0
40 Fair Meadow Farm, Agent THREE PARK PLACE Park Place Motoring Sally F Rick Barbre $7,500
41 Plank and Sons LV DREAM LADY Yankee Great Ms Dream Flak F OUT $0
42 Flacco Family Farms LIZ LAMORE Expecting More Ms Liz Lavec F Ervin Miller, Agent $6,100
43 Fair Meadow Farm PARK N SPARK Park Place Naked Lady F Ronnie Gillespie $3,500
44 Gene Dixon FLIRTNSMOKE Smokey Legend Never Flirty F Michael Berger $1,500
45 Mary Lea Jeffers BIG PARTY Party At Artsplace Nice N Big C Dirk Simpson $3,000
46 Fox Valley Standardbreds FOX VALLEY WINDSOR Vaporize Wesgate Belle C Dave Martin $1,400
47 K.E.M. Standardbreds RTCLASSIC Richess Hanover Nihi Rose C Harry Horowitz $5,500
48 Fair Meadow Farm GRACE PLACE Park Place Noble Prayer F Dirk Simpson $5,500
49 Philip R. Jones NUKE IT ALL OVER Ft. Apache Hanover Nuke It All F Albert Clemons $1,100
50 Merle H. Miller CAPTAIN BLACK Dreamland Ohtobea Beauty C Vince Espinosa $3,000
Hip # Consignor Yearling Sire Dam Sex Purchased By Amount
51 Dr. Diane Wilson SHESLIKETHEWIND Ft. Apache Hanover One Sure Thing F Wilson Racing Stable, Inc. $4,000
52 Finish Line Farm OYOUHOTTHANG Wuzzup Oyousweetthang C Willie Jones $1,600
53 University of Illinois Horse Farm ILLINI PARK Park Place Pat Olcott F James E. Springfield $5,500
54 Fair Meadow Farm ONE AND DONE Imperial Victory Paula Quite Polite C Kelly Fosdick $3,200
55 Wilson Farm HANDOVERPAWS Ft. Apache Hanover Paws C Darcy Pletcher $2,500
56 Flacco Family Farms MOREAGIO Expecting More Pearl C Cathy Rutherford $2,000
57 Wilson Farm CUZURINITTOWINIT Ft. Apache Hanover Possessive Dragon F Jerald Vivani & Sue Phillips $4,200
58 Richard C. Worlow DREAMMIN’ BOY Dreamland Princess April C No Sale $0
59 Bart Seales ALL ABOUT JENNY Ft. Apache Hanover Put The Boots F Gary Bunch $2,400
60 Fair Meadow Farm RACI TRACI PLACE Park Place Racy Traci F Clifford & David Jones $4,800
61 Plank and Sons LV’S GREAT GUY Yankee Great Red Belle Pepper C Jerry Foster $1,300
62 Fair Meadow Farm NURSE BETTY Rosemont Principal Registered Nurse F Jack M Rednour $8,000
63 Nelson Hochstetler ROLL ON YANKEE Yankee Great Rollaway Shelly C OUT $0
64 University of Illinois Horse Farm PUT IT IN DRIVE Park Place Sassy Girl C Phillip Cotton $4,000
65 Phillip R. Jones NOT SO SLIM Ft. Apache Hanover Savannah Slim F James E. Johnson $1,600
66 Wilson Farm ONE MAN BAND Tsunami Ranger Serenade C Dirk Simpson $3,000
67 Fair Meadow Farm BRITTNEY PLACE Park Place Sexplosion F D. Minor, Agent $4,200
68 University of Illinois Horse Farm SHADYPLACE Park Place Shady RN F Rich Crum $3,500
69 Charles L. Plotner YUCATAN Park Place She’s A Card F Johnny Rice $3,200
70 Wilson Farm SHOOTTOKILL Ft. Apache Hanover She’s So Keen C Corey L Stewart $3,200
71 Flacco Family Farms SIERRA MORE Expecting More Sierra Miss F Myrel Allen $4,700
72 Charles L. Plotner SMASHY CERISE Park Place Smiles Hanover F Kelcey Perymond $3,000
73 University of Illinois Horse Farm MERCED Park Place So Funny F Linda Pacitti $16,000
74 Fair Meadow Farm, Agent ROAX Park Place Southwind Sonata C Phil Langley $4,000
75 Farrier’s Acres, Agent PARK’S REALITY Park Place Stan’s Ann F Katheryn Rath $2,800
Hip # Consignor Yearling Sire Dam Sex Purchased By Amount
76 Sunrise Farm UBIQUITOUS Richess Hanover Stormy Guru C Dale Edwards $4,100
77 Mary Lea Jeffers SWISS STAR High Falls Swiss Hill F Gary Gorrell, Agent $3,500
78 Fair Meadow Farm SIMPSON PLACE Park Place Tea And Roses G Kim Rusciolelli $9,200
79 K.E.M. Standardbreds RTWOMAN International Chip That Woman F Pam Coleman $4,300
80 University of Illinois Horse Farm MO MONEY HONEY Park Place Too Much Money F Eugene Miller, Jr. $2,800
81 B. Seales, D. Wetherell, D & S Wetherell MIKAYLA’S ROCKETTE Cam’s Rocket Toots Express F Michael Dzien $1,900
82 Mighty Oak Farm MIGHTY BABE Tattler’s Torpedo Towner’s Big Babe F Mel Williams $1,300
83 Larry C. Breed TESSIE L Warrior For Peace U Lassie F Kelsey Perymond $2,500
84 Dr. Diane Wilson UNNAMED FILLY Cole Muffler Valley Girl F OUT $0
85 Sherry J. Carr HAPPY LITTLE CROWN Hoist The Yankee Victory Crown F Darla Martin $1,300
86 Dale Richeson P W WENDY T Western Terror Web Paige F OUT $0
87 Fox Valley Standardbreds FOX VALLEY LILY International Chip La-Elena F Jason VanWinkle $2,500
88 Fair Meadow Farm PRINCIPALGONEWILD Rosemont Principal Wildaire C Tom Tetrick $3,700
89 Mary Lea Jeffers NEW PARTY Party At Artsplace You’re In The News F Jerry Foster $2,500
90 Dale Richeson & Kenneth Schrock NOPLACETOPARK Park Place Abrazo C John Carver $4,500
91 Fair Meadow Farm, Agent ALLMACKALLTHETIME Armbro Mackintosh All Day All Night C Jeff Bridgford $3,300
92 Wilson Farm STRUTLIKEUMEANIT Ft. Apache Hanover Almahurst Imp F John Carver $7,700
93 Don Longfellow BUE FOCUS Rosemont Principal Am I Bue F OUT $0
94 University of Illinois Horse Farm TRACY Park Place Amispecialorwhat C Tom Simmons $23,000
95 K.E.M. Standardbreds JOKERS B WILD Ft. Apache Hanover Annie Up C Darcy Pletcher $6,500
96 Mary Lea Jeffers A LOTTA ACTION High Falls Arsenalette C Dale Van Winkle $3,000
97 Fair Meadow Farm CITI FILLI Park Place Ashley’s City F Jerry Dudzik $3,200
98 Flacco Family Farms TRIUMPH’S DREAMER Giant Triumph B L Dream C Richard Crum $4,200
99 Finish Line Farm WUZZUP THUNDER Wuzzup Bambi Dancer F Dossie Minor $2,000
100 Finish Line Farm CORNBREAD KELLEY Wuzzup Baressa C Roshun Trigg $1,000
Hip # Consignor Yearling Sire Dam Sex Purchased By Amount
101 University of Illinois Horse Farm, Agent BLUEBABE Park Place Baywatch Blues C Linda Pacitti $9,500
102 Dr. Anna M Ruman FIN RIZIEL Psychic Spirit Beloved Lobell F Gerald Hansen $4,000
103 University of Illinois Horse Farm, Agent WANTAPARK Park Place Camifiwanto C Michael Berger $3,500
104 Jerry Stepter LUCAS EDGE Park Place Camrissa C OUT $0
105 Wilson Farm SHESCOMINONSTRONG Ft. Apache Hanover Camtune F Brenda Watson $3,500
106 Finish Line Farm WUZZUP CANMAN Wuzzup Canny Hit C Jill White $1,700
107 Wilson Farm MY OH MY Ft. Apache Hanover Carousel Tune C Kim Rusciolelli $5,000
108 Fair Meadow Farm ARNOLD PLACE Park Place Champagneforall C John Carver $14,000
109 Wilson Farm ROWDY ROMANCE Ft. Apache Hanover Chanel Spur F Grace & Darby McNeil $2,500
110 Fair Meadow Farm WALKER PLACE Park Place Christine’s Baby C Larry Price $6,000
111 Fair Meadow Farm, Agent JON MATTHEW Armbro Mackintosh Churchbell Sign C Linda Pacitti $4,000
112 Wilson Farm MR RIGHTNOW Ft. Apache Hanover Crush On Cam C Jerome Daniels $1,800
113 Flacco Family Farms D LEE MORE Expecting More Daisy Lee Brook F Samual M. Daddono $4,000
114 Fair Meadow Farm MC DILLY Armbro Mackintosh Dallier F Jose Manuel Hernandez $7,000
115 Dr. Diane Wilson APACHE WARRIOR Ft. Apache Hanover Dancing Beauty C Darcy Pletcher $13,000
116 University of Illinois Horse Farm, Agent MODEL T Armbro Mackintosh Debbie’s Model C Kandi Schooley $2,500
117 Flacco Family Farms KEEPER OF THE MORE Expecting More Delibowl Hanover C Vince Espinosa $1,800
118 K.E.M. Standardbreds FIRE BRAND Incredible Finale Drachma C Brian Walkington $7,500
119 Fair Meadow Farm KELI PLACE Park Place Dragon’s Attack F Jeffrey White $2,800
120 Hunter Farm STEAMIN DREAMIN Park Place Dream Of My Life F Robert Porter $2,600