1 Amzy & Darrell Miller Agnt for Bonnie Becker Mella Yella F Goya Blue Chip Ritalin Owen Mathias $2,700
2 Carver, John Seaside Luck C Sir Luck Oceanside Dossie Minor $1,000
3 Flacco Family Farms Glo More F Expecting More Ens X-Ray Rae Samuel M Daddono $2,000
4 Rursch, Orville & Gary Williams Unnamed F Jodys Cam Happyour Hanover David Gibbs/Wayne Brown $1,700
5 Kaufman, Elmer J LB Miss Kate F Caneel Bay L B Harmony Willie Jones $800
6 Miller Stable M A Petunia F Tequila Spur M A Candy Steve Wagner $2,700
7 Mast, Chester Bull Head C Victor Victorious Bulleville Darlene James Collier $1,400
8 Richeson, Dale R Lydia F Banderas Hall Gumcorner Lydia Kenny Collier $1,900
9 Chupp, Kenny In Motion Marie F Garciaparra Alesha Marie Richard Holly $1,300
10 KEM Standardbreds, agt for Rietveld, Phillip Swindler C Banderas Hall Egberdina OUT
10S Flacco Family Farm & Orville Rursch Xaivare’s Victory C Brilliant Victory Pearl Stan Johnson $1,000
11 Weatherford, Bobby GoYa Chief C Goya Blue Chip Susie Bell Vertis Wilson $1,300
12 Finish Line Farm Wuzz Upon A Time C Wuzzup Thunder Bolt OUT
13 Jeffers, Mary Lea Flat Rock Flyer C High Falls Fooey Harold Keith Caughran $2,000
14 Stepter, Jerry Codymaster C Armbro Mackintosh Chevie Passion Shawn Nessa, Agent $1,700
15 KEM Standardbreds St. Tommy More C Incredible Finale Southwind Silk PJ Quaid $4,000
16 Fair Meadow Agnt Stephanie Greenhalgh Jessica’s Place F Park Place Alba Alba Rico Johnson $3,100
17 Flacco Family Farms Make Mine Bourbon C Bourbon Trail Go Abby Jo Eligo Boccia $1,000
18 Larry Liesman & Carroll Yealzle Clearcreek Jackie F Arizona Jack Clear Creek Paige Jessie Turnipseed $800
19 Finish Line Farm Fuzzy Alien F Wuzzup Foreign Object OUT
20 KEM Standardbreds Trot Fudge Sundae F Psychic Spirit Armbro Lamark Les Banks $16,000
21 Chupp, Kenny Yo Gotta Go Joe C International Chip Heather Catriona Nelson Willis $1,900
22 Miller, Raymond GR Dream’s Robbie C Dreamland LA Patrona Stan Johnson $800
23 U of Illinois Nachoordinarygirl F Park Place Number Four Meal Neva Grevengoed $3,700
24 Fair Meadows Farm Mighty Mary Mack F Armbro Mackintosh Smashing Mary Meltaurus Williams $1,800
25 KEM Standardbreds Unending Love C Cole Muffler No Ordinary Love John Carver $18,000
26 U of Illinois, agt. For Derek Jacobus Rushing Hero C Western Hero Ruby Jane Tony Sander $2,500
27 Rursch, Orville & Gary Williams Unnamed F Polar Winner Chris E. Kat No Sale
28 Jeffers, Mary Lea Lynn’s Art F Party At Artsplace Meri Lynn Legacy Neva Grevengoed $3,600
29 Fair Meadows Farm & Harley Shwartz Mikki Mack F Ambro Mackintosh Class and Humour OUT
30 KEM Standardbreds Matter of Guilt C Garciaparra Peace and Quiet D. Hermann/R. Marino $3,200
31 Chupp, Kenny Nilly Nelson C Photo Color Heather Doreen Darcy Pletcher $6,000
32 Flacco Family Farms Roe Marie F Vaporize Franny Lane Jamaica Patton $2,000
33 Mast, Freeman Sugar Moon F Such A Hoot Brimstone Hill Cedric Branson $900
34 Reynolds, Carol & Gloria Cisna Muscle Mouse C Vaporize Chippie Mouse OUT
35 KEM Standardbreds Gracefullvapor C Vaporize Fox Valley Grace James Collier $1,700
36 Fair Meadows Farm Imperial Lady F Imperial Victory Meadowbranch Girl VL Butch Burgett $3,100
37 Flacco Family Farms Rhonderas F Banderas Hall Fox Valley Rhonda Alan Bowen $1,700
38 Miller, Marvin E. M A Firecracker C Tequila Spur My Sugar Babe Derrick Flowers $1,500
39 Miller, Mervin Vixen’s Dream F Dreamland Mystical Vixen William Brown III $1,400
40 KEM Standardbreds Swish Kabob C Psychic Spirit S V Rascal South of the Tracks $8,000
41 Peacock, Jodi She’s Sensational F Sportsmaster Iwantsompun Michael Einhaus $18,500
42 Wilson, Diana Rich Like Me F Richess Hanover Jan’s Julie Too Wilson Racing Stable Inc. $6,500
43 Fair Meadows Farm Paris Place F Park Place Sexplosion Jodie Outlaw $4,200
44 WEH Standardbreds Myplacemytime F Park Place Timepiece Hanover Jessie Turnipseed $1,900
45 KEM Standardbreds, agt for Rietveld, Phillip Unbuckled C Banderas Hall Unavailable Roger Welch, Agent $9,500
46 Richeson, Dale Agnt. For Kenny Schrock Icanseeformiles F Cole Muffler Miles Away Milton Greer $4,700
47 WEH Standardbreds A Suspected Winner C Park Place Likely Suspect World Class Racing $2,500
48 Rursch, Orville & Gary Williams Unnamed F Jodys Cam Lake Hills Linda W Perry Tillman $1,900
49 Taylor, Larry Droppin My Heart F Droppin’ the Hammer Follow My Heart Homer Hochstetler $5,000
50 KEM Standardbreds Ketal Ace C Droppin’ The Hammer Dixie Doll Samuel Greer $2,600
51 Miller, Marvin E. M A Skyscraper C Droppin’ The Hammer Malibu Bay Darcy Pletcher $7,000
52 Fair Meadow Farm Agnt. For Bonnie Becker General Mack C Armbro Mackintosh Four Starzzzz Gal OUT
52S Orville Rursch Just My Fantasy F Jodys Cam Justa Mirage OUT
53 U of Illinois, agt for Paradise Inc. Cleo F Park Place Jenna’s Avalanche Peter Dora $1,600
54 U of Illinois, agt for Paradise Inc. Frank C Park Place Camifiwanto Marcus Turner $1,500
55 KEM Standardbreds Mariah F Armbro Tropicana I C Joy Agent for Sandbur Farm’s $7,200
56 Flacco Family Farms Mr Cesare C Expecting More Sierra Miss Robert Porter $1,000
57 Jeffers, Mary Lea On A High G High Falls Net Game Gary Garrell, Agent $2,400
58 Reynolds, Carol Zumba Mouse F Armbro Tropicana Tootie Mouse Ervin Miller, Agent $5,500
59 Flacco Family Farms Defiant Annie F Smokey Legend Kindly Defiant No Sale
60 KEM Standardbreds Rt Supream C Garciaparra Roll A Bolla Freddie Patton, Jr. $1,800
61 Miller, Merle H. Sizzling Millie F Dreamland Mimi Shuttle Jessie Turnipseed $1,100
62 Peacock, Jodi Windbeneathmywings F Incredible Finale Angelofthemorning No Sale
63 Fair Meadows Farm Sally Moto F Armbro Mackintosh Motoring Sally N Darcy Pletcher $5,000
64 WEH Standardbreds Parkingonboardwalk C Park Place Miss Margie G John Esposito $3,500
65 KEM Standardbreds, agt for Henry, Wm Otto J. W. Colby C Garciaparra J. W. Jet Jeannie Knox $2,700
66 Miller, Merle H. E Z Dan C Dreamland Ice Caprice Phillip Cotton $2,200
67 Chupp, Kenny Skippy Jim John C Photo Color Heather Jenna Jim Geis $9,000
68 Flacco Family Farms Desma Darlin F Banderas Hall Desma Hanover Moses Flowers, Jr. $1,700
69 Pride, Jack Keepin Me Alive F Arts Conquest Yankee Safari Harold Keith Caughran $2,500
70 KEM Standardbreds Kaitlyn Jo F Sportsmaster R Janis J Rick Barbre $4,700
71 Stepter, Jerry Cammaster C Sportsmaster Camrissa Leland Mathias $22,000
72 Freedom Hill Farms Very Expensive F Park Place Costly Date No Sale
73 Fair Meadows Farm Johnson Place C Park Place FD Together Again Rico Johnson $2,900
74 U of Illinois Liveoutsidethebox F Armbro Mackintosh Box Car Girl Bruce Rundle $2,200
75 Fair Meadows Farm Madam Director F Park Place Lady Director N Erwin Barbre $4,000
76 Cook, Karie Smokeless Wardance G Ft Apache Hanover Warriorette OUT
77 Peacock, Jodi I’m For You C Cole Muffler Never Again Tom Simmons $6,500
78 Fair Meadows Farm Park Heir C Park Place Anita’s Heiress No Sale
79 Jeffers, Mary Lea You’re News F Party At Artsplace You’re In The News Chad Parker $2,300
80 U of Illinois Primeparkingplace C Park Place Pick of the Litter Elbi Osorio $2,800
81 Rursch, Orville Specially Awesome F Jodys Cam Specially Fine No Sale
82 Fair Meadows Farm Sports Story C Park Place Toy Story OUT
83 Clinard Racing, LLC Doubledogdareyou F Cole Muffler Visa Bella No Sale
84 Fair Meadows Farm & Harley Shwartz Sign Out F Park Place Time Card OUT
85 KEM Standardbreds, agt for Rietveld, Phillip Tropical Light F Armbro Tropicana Hit the Lights Steven Walden $3,000
86 Yeazle, Carroll & Chad Aughton Orange Punch F Sportsmaster Orange Breeze Richard Courson $8,500
87 Wilson, Diana Ugottakickalittle C Ft. Apache Hanover Paws Judith S. May $3,200
88 U of Illinois, agt for Paradise Inc. Little Pauli C Park Place Vocalist Bruce Paciatti $15,000
89 Fair Meadows Farm Kitti Place F Park Place Magical Kit Homer Hochstetler $15,000
90 KEM Standardbreds RT Taylor F Banderas Hall Greta Phillip Rieheld $2,500
91 Flacco Family Farms Jim James More C Expecting More Ms Liz Lavec John David Finn $2,000
92 U of Illinois, agt for Paradise Inc. Blaze F Park Place Shady RN Misael Garcia $1,500
93 Breed, Larry Osage F Sagebrush Pimento Rich Crum $3,200
94 Miller, Marvin E. M A Sweetpeas F Droppin’ The Hammer Piper Champagne Alan Bowen $3,000
95 Jeffers, Mary Lea Party Play F Party At Artsplace Playful Nukes Jeffery White/Tom Harmer $3,000
96 Buttice, Bob B S Mary’s Delight F Incredible Finale Sailors Delight Bryan Brown/Mark Murriel $2,000
97 U of Illinois Silent Revolt F Armbro Mackintosh Secret Alliance Bruce Paciatti $5,700
98 U of Illinois Park the Cart C Park Place Tart with the Cart Carolyn Wiley $5,000
99 Finish Line Farm Top of the Heap C Wuzzup Spring To The Top Stan Johnson $700
100 Miller, Marvin E. M A Picnic C Droppin’ The Hammer Society Picnic Jill Stringer $3,500
101 Wetherall, Dean, Derec, Sheila Shakinhersassafras F Ft. Apache Hanover Speeding Bunny Wilson Racing Stable Inc. $6,500
102 Rursch, Orville Perfect Timing C Jodys Cam Upbeat Tempo Sharon Halford $2,000
103 Miller, Mervin Hot Shot Woody C Armbro Tropicana Feeling Possessed John David Finn $2,500
104 Flacco Family Farms Tessala More F Expecting More B. L. Dream LaVern Hostetler $2,000
105 KEM Standardbreds Tropicana Special C Armbro Tropicana Service Special Jesse DeLong $3,000
106 Miller, Merle H. Caneel Ann F Caneel Bay M B Chrissy Michael Williams $1,200
107 U of Illinois, agt for James & Teri Blackman Elisa’s Model F Park Place Graceful Model Shawn Nessa, Agent $3,000
108 Buttice, Bob B S Yes We Can F Richess Hanover Go Bye Bye Derrick Flowers $1,700
109 Carver, John Seabug F Incredible Finale Western Shrimp Ron Phillips $3,400
110 Jeffers, Mary Lea Jet Flow G High Falls Jeffers Jet Orval Bronkhorst $5,500
111 Miller, Merle H. Sense of Love F Dreamland Betsy’s Bambino Stan Johnson $1,300
112 Peacock, Jodi Remarkable Journey C The Panderosa Kelley Guru No Sale
113 Fair Meadow Farm Agnt. For Kurt Becker Madoff C Park Place Greedy OUT
114 Freedom Hill Farms Hitailit C Sportsmaster Ladyaces No Sale
115 U of Illinois, agt for James Blackman Mark’s Model C Park Place Debbie’s Model Chris Banks $3,000
116 Fair Meadow Farm Agnt. For Kurt Becker Albertus Maximus C Armbro Mackintosh Smashing Alberta Jesse DeLong $5,500
117 Finish Line Farm CC’s Rider C Wuzzup Courtland Carolyn OUT
118 U of Illinois Searchforreality F Psychic Spirit Miss Hocus Pocus PJ Quaid $10,000
119 Jeffers, Mary Lea My Game F High Falls Merry Game Brenda Watson $6,000
120 Ruman, Anna Dine and Dance C Psychic Spirit Mama Mac Ed Teefey $5,700
121 Miller, Marvin E. M A Snapdragon C Tequila Spur M A Nichole Randy Crisler $1,400
122 Miller, Raymond Caneel’s Candy F Caneel Bay SJ Sattva Leslie Johnson $700
123 Jeffers, Mary Lea High Game F High Falls Ima Game Patrick Graham $3,000
124 Pudik, William T. Sycamore Survivor C Vaporize Vintage Event Vince Espinosa $3,000
125 Breed, Larry Highland Lass F Sportsmaster U Lassie Carol Cox $3,000
126 Fair Meadows Farm Pretty Place F Park Place She HasThe Look Richard Thompson $3,300
127 Rursch, Orville Bella Belle F Jodys Cam Bella Concetia No Sale
128 Finish Line Farm Jeanne’s Hot Shot F Electric Yankee Jeanne R Richard Crum $900
129 Miller, Marvin E M A Sunflower C Droppin’ The Hammer Independence Day Shawn Nessa, Agent $4,500
130 Bart Seales Simple Place F Park Place Semper Fi Roger Allhands $2,200
131 Freedom Hill Farms Maid Money F Four Starzzz Shark Ideal Mystery No Sale
132 Lingafelter, Craig Shady Irish Lady F Shady Character Irish Honey Anthony Gray $1,400
133 Finish Line Farm Elvislivesinalexis C Memphis Flash Tup’s Flight Robert Porter $1,100
134 Rursch, Orville Sassy Chassee F Jodys Cam Hopes Sassy Lady Kathryn Rath $2,100
135 Carver, John Need a Lil Luck C Sir Luck Hrubys’Emeralds Dossie Minor $1,400
136 Flacco Family Farms Carmen Fiasconi F Expecting More Hollys Traditional Michael Knicely $1,700
137 Chupp, Kenny Hi I’m Miss Nancy F Armbro Tropicana Heather Nancy Willard Mellinger $2,100
138 Flacco Family Farms Mores Finale C Expecting More Gia’s Speedster Willie Jones $900
139 U of Illinois, agt for Paradise Inc. Hesky C Park Place So Funny Wilson Racing Stable Inc. $6,000
140 Fair Meadows Farm Humble Hero C Western Hero Naked Lady Rick Barbre $12,500
141 Rebecca Lustig Runaway Desirae F Real Desire Runaway Star OUT
142 Rursch, Orville Fancy Royale Cam F Jodys Cam Caribe Royale No Sale
143 Yoder, Darrell Midnight’s Prince C Banderas Hall Benn’s Flashdance Rick Gerrell $1,200
144 Miller, Mervin Our Koby C Garciaparra Battle Star Lynn Wilfong $1,300
145 Price, Larry BC’s Perfect Adam C Winbak Adam BC’s Never Perfect Willie Jones $900
146 U of Illinois, agt for Paradise Inc. Cocoa F Park Place Bay Watch Blues Peter Spaeth $6,000
147 Carver, John Jc’s Lucky Dreamer F Sir Luck Dream Acquisition Trenton Watson $2,000
148 Ruman, Anna Feed the Beast C Psychic Spirit Serafina the Great Ervin Miller, Agent $10,000
149 Finish Line Farm Dream In My Heart C Wuzzup Dream of My Life OUT
150 Jeffers, Mary Lea Tropic Payday F Armbro Tropicana Higher Pay Edna Miles $1,400
151 Flacco Family Farms Remi More F Expecting More Hollys Special Vertis Wilson $900
152 U of Illinois Lotaleavingleftodo C Park Place Salsa Hall Shawn Nessa, Agent $6,000
153 Rursch, Orville Unnamed C Jodys Cam Arrial Breeze OUT
154 Rursch, Orville Unnamed C Bold Hope Tangible Feeling OUT
155 Rursch, Orville Unnamed F Jodys Cam Fox Valley Tasca OUT
156 Rursch, Orville Unnamed C Jodys Cam Fox Valley Image OUT